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What pocket knife do you carry?


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
Today is my Spyderco Gayle Bradley and also carrying my Fenix PD35 and a 40 cal friend. I am off and running errands with mom and dad.
It's worth carrying for the name "Huckleberry Boys Knife" alone.

Could you post a shot of that knife next to a ruler? GEC have a nice looking website, but dont seem to post the dimensions of the knife. I like the look of that one, but have to be careful not to buy anything too big. I technically can't carry any knife here, but I try to not push my luck and carry very small, traditional, non locking folders.
Here you go. Hope this helps.
Learned from my Dad: Schrade stockman (American made) 80T. Carbon steel blade that takes a good edge and is easy
to sharpen. Certainly not as trendy as "tactical" blades, but a fine knife for little $$ (back in the day).

Can't comment on current manufacture Schrades that are sourced at the Pacific Rim, as I've never owned one--
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