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What Pets Have You Got?

I am a confirmed animal lover, and I just realised there has never been a discussion of what animals everyone has. So, how about it? What pets currently share your home?
2 dogs, beautiful white female Golden Retrievers.

I used to have a bunch of other animals in the past, piranha's, rabbits, 3 dogs at a time, birds etc but now I wanted to have some "rest" at home. ;)
:kitty tom: my 17 year old gray persian, that I got off of the old dealership i worked at 10 years ago. He constantly purrs...

Stewey: the newest addition, black and white something with a hilter moustache...cat...year old..

Mattie: she is a snoodle...

just three....believe that's plenty...

mark tssb
Chesapeake Bay retriever- I lost "Higgins", and it feels like yesterday but I realized writing this that its been 5 years, so for now its a tank of African ciclids -peacocks.
We are looking for a retired Greyhound Racer curently but won't pick him up until AFTER our week at the beach in August.
I used to have cats but no longer. I like being able to take off whenever I want to so there's not much chance of me getting any more pets now.
Two sets of twin cats. The two black ones are Cameron and Trevor; the two orange ones are Simon and Oliver. I am not like the Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons. Promise!
I had a doberman, It's been 4 years now since he passed away, but it feels like yesterday. I'm not planning to have a pet at the moment since I want to be pretty mobile, but in the future when I settle down I'll get another dog, most likely doberman.
My choice of pet seems weird now you guys have all posted. I am a keen reptile hobbyist, I have a large number of snakes (mainly pit vipers and pythons) and lizards (mainly geckoes and varanids.) I also help fund and maintain a private research facility that keeps Marmosets and Tamarins as well as many more reptiles. My biggest pet is a 9' long New Guinea Crocodile Monitor (Varanus salvadorii for all you taxonomy buffs)
ada8356 said:
You've had an eight year-old cat for 26 years? I feel like I must be missing something....

I am on your side. I know I was never good in math but, maybe I am missing the formula here.....x + y = z :001_tt2:
fatt_tony said:
I am on your side. I know I was never good in math but, maybe I am missing the formula here.....x + y = z :001_tt2:

Same here, it may have something to do with his signature! :biggrin:
I have a solid black Goldendoodle named Cooper.

He is half Golden Retreiver and half standard Poodle.

Basically, he is shaped like a golden retreiver with soft black curls. People often mistake him for a Portuguese Water Dog.
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