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What oils can you use?

nah type as you please im not some nazi that goes around saying oh this topic must be within the guidelines or whatever ....its b&b ppl come here for fun and to learn...how would one learn if somebody didn't add a tidbit of another topic ...its like when people talk in real life and somebody is talking about beer than somebody says im sorry its not on topic but i like rum...chances are people will be like mm what sort of rum...oh ive never heard of it whats it like...where do you get it from...and so starts a conversation :)
Yeah i 'am a newbie myself to the SR only going on about 40+ days here.
ha! I hear ya. Just started my SR journey about a month ago and googling for hours every day reading old threads. Just yesterday spent the better part of 3 hours googling for old B&B threads about preferred razor width and point/toe preferences, just reading every post about why people prefer what.

I actually started out with a beautiful damascus kamisori, made with aogami/blue paper #2 - and hated it, lol. Damn thing won't take an edge no matter how much I grind it on my stones and lapping film, and I wound up hating having to use different angles depending on which side I was using; I was starting to think all SR shaves involved tugging & pulling and uncut hairs that needed to be cleaned up by my DE razor.
Then I pick up an extra hollow Tanifuji 2000 Cape, and start honing it on my Naniwa 1k, and it's like "Huh?! I've already got a burr after just 50 laps? ****, I might've overdone it (whereas the aogami kamisori won't budge after 400 laps)" After one shave with the Tanifuji, it's like "oh, so that's what a sharp SR feels like, that's nice!"

Now I'm slowly talking myself into a Zowada "Timahagane" blade and trying (and failing) to find reasons not to spend a month's salary on a single blade ("But it'll last a lifetime! Last SR purchase, for realz!")

As for jnats, I dare not touch those; I can't control myseslf and deeply fear I'd fall into another rabbit hole ("You loved that jnat from mine X and it was only 2" long; why not treat yourself to a larger stone, say 8" from mine Y? You could really use some different naguras too, y'know...")
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Thats all ive been doing is asking people for information and googling for help after years of wanting to give it a go i got a straight and it turned up yesterday a 6/8 dovo bismarck 2 and the thing looks so pretty in person i almost dont even want to use it ...im waiting a week or two until all my shave gear is here until i start trying incase i screw the bevel or do something im not meant to as a noob does 😂 ahhh the learning...i do shave with a safety razor however ive been doing that for a few years now ..there is always more to learn...just when you think you have enough information bam a question arises that you yourself cant answer
haha, I'm coming from years of DE shaving as well - good news is, you've got a little bit of a shortcut over brand new SR shavers since you know what the right blade angle & pressure feel like already, so you might've cut off a few bloody weeks of learning (but probably have a few bloody weeks ahead - I'm still a bloody mess afterwards, lol). Good news is, the cuts are so shallow that a quick shower or rinse seals them pretty quickly IME
Honing is an entirely new experience - I had no experience with knives, so it took a few hours on the stone to feel comfortable, and TBH, I'm still learning how to do a proper X or Y stroke instead of a curving X or just straight up and down. I don't trust myself not to press too hard either, so I tape all my spines with Kapton.

Still, it's fun! For people who like working with their hands or learning a new craft, it sure is an interesting hobby
I keep my razors in a wood box that I put a bunch of those moisture absorbing packets that come in medicine bottles. Keeps all moisture at bay.
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Was thinking of getting a razor box at some stage..i like the idea of a nice looking polished wooden box
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