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Note, oil can change the appearance of some natural scales. I've seen it turn thin bone nearly transparent; it picked up a "wet look."
Well I can tell you why I asked is I bought a new straight, *** a year ago when I was getting the itch to try one. Never used it but looking under the scope I see pitting in the blade, but no rust or it is just starting that's why I asked. As I would like a way to keep them without worrying.

The razor in question was a cheap one to try yes I know it was cheap.
I use no oil at all for storage. About once a year (or two) I will use a needle luber and put a drop of Rem Oil or Ballistol on the pivot pin. That's it
Silicone razor socks and Tuf-Glide.

When I get a new razor, clean it up, usually either hone it or refresh it, and then it get's one and only one application of Tuf-Glide, it binds with the metal, and then proper drying and storing will take care of the rest.

I try to stay away from any organic oils on razors, as they say, "like dissolves like".....
I use motor oil for short term storage, petroleum jelly for long term. Motor oil is specifically formulated to leave a good long lasting film on steel. Ballistol? That may well be better, but I use what I use.

I have not noticed any problem with scales. However, I don't think I have any bone scaled razors, either.

I used to never use oil. I didn't think I needed to, if my razors were put away dry. A few rusty blades showed me the error of my thinking.
i live in a really humid area (armpit) of Texas and i know what it does to my car if left alone. Using oil or Ballistol on a razor may well be overkill given that i only have 3, so they'll all get used at least once a week and they sit indoors rather than on the driveway.
But to me, the entire ritual is part of the enjoyment and so stropping and oiling them after use seems a natural way to look after them and stop any deterioration. Besides, how much effort is involved?


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Ballistol is a mineral oil solution I believe. It's fine if you want to use oil.

For storage, I use the silicone socks. For the rotation I use clean and dry.

For pitting, like on an eBay special, I clean the pits with a fiberglas brush and apply some Renaissance wax to them to prevent further erosion of the corrosion. Lol.

Sometimes you can see some pits in even NOS with no rust or corrosion. I've often wondered if these pits were simply part of the blank that were not removed by grinding.

Cheers, Steve


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The silicone sleeves are great, but for long term storage I rub a little camellia oil, also called tsubaki oil, on them. I've been using that for carbon knives for a long time, and a small bottle should last a lifetime.
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