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What models Safety Razors do I have?

I bought a box of razors, cases and mugs at a flea market. I know the slim, super speed and I think the gold plated one is an Aristocrat I think. The gold and the far left razor came in cases. The Gold came in a black case with a gold plated blade case. The far left razor came in a silver plate box no blade case with it. Thanks for helping ID these.
Thanks, I think I am going to keep the tuckaway. Its in really nice condition and the case is also. The rest I am going to sell along with the original cup soap by Colgate.
Great score, but the second one - the NEW De Luxe is the real treasure. They are not very easy to come by, especially finding one in very good condition without paying too much.


Blade Biter
They are all worth keeping!

Add a Tech and you will have one of every batch from Gillette's golden era.

Keep it! Or you'll regret having to source them again when curiosity peaks later in your hobby.
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