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What makes you look forward to shaving ?

What makes you look forward to the shaving ritual ?

  • The Razor

    Votes: 39 59.1%
  • The Blade

    Votes: 19 28.8%
  • The Brush

    Votes: 29 43.9%
  • The Soap

    Votes: 46 69.7%
  • The Aftershave

    Votes: 39 59.1%

  • Total voters
I picked the brush, soap, and aftershave. The brush and soap together feel great. That nice warm lather going on is a great way to end the day. And, God help me, I do love the sting and burn off a good aftershave splash.
Because of my experiences with shave soaps and aftershaves I started the long fall into colognes, EDT, EDPs... I am amazed; and, an example of how the sensory experience of the olfactory can enslave one.

I had have always been a cologne guy so I had amassed a decent collection of colognes throughout my 20's. Now I've moved onto collecting shaving stuff. Not sure which is more expensive, but certainly more variety in shaving.
I love all of my gear, I shave in the evening, I love the smooth feel of my face afterwards and the way it feels the next morning, the other thing is I love the way my face feels heading home after work knowing I get to do it all over again.
The ritual:
  • Stropping
  • Making lather
  • Applying lather
  • Three passes; WTG, XTG, ATG
The results:
  • Smooth, soft skin where they was previously sandpaper
  • Scent of the soap, AS, EdC, etc.
  • The feel of my shirt collar on skin rather than stubble
The nostalgia:
  • Using tools and processes from prior centuries
  • Connecting with relatives, ancestors, and historical figures
The unadulterated "me time"

For me, it's not the gear. It's how it all comes together to create glorious break from reality that transports me beyond the vicissitudes of daily life.
I really enjoy shaving. All the tools: Razors, Soaps, Blades, Aftershave, Alum Blocks. I've been really disciplined over the last five or six months shaving with the Proraso product line. That said the SW products intrigued me so last weekend I ordered a tub of Samhain along with the accompanying aftershave from a local distributor. Hoping they will arrive tomorrow. In the meantime I contacted the owner of SW directly and I just placed an order to purchase all their samplers along with a tub of their winter offering: Druantia. I'd be remiss if I didn't mentioned how much fun it is to shave with my Gillette 195 or Henson AL13. Finally I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that I've tried a bunch of blades and their is only one (from a QC perspective) I wouldn't recommend. This is an awesome hobby and a lot of fun!
Aftershaves. For me it's all about the aftershave.

I could shave with an old kitchen knife and hand soap...but if I could finish it off with something like Floid Vigoroso then I would consider the shave a success.

That's how I found B&B -- a search for aftershaves led me here (to the road to perdition). I was using carts at the time and I had no idea that there existed all these soaps or blades or razors. Now I own a lot of soaps and blades and razors, but splashing an aftershave is still my favorite part of a shave.
Soap and brush, the cleaning sensation and scent experience draws me in first.
The act of the removing stubble with a smooth razor with no discomfort is great, but that comes later.
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