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What makes you look forward to shaving ?

What makes you look forward to the shaving ritual ?

  • The Razor

    Votes: 38 59.4%
  • The Blade

    Votes: 19 29.7%
  • The Brush

    Votes: 29 45.3%
  • The Soap

    Votes: 44 68.8%
  • The Aftershave

    Votes: 38 59.4%

  • Total voters
What to you, is the most important component for that satisfying shaving experience ? That something which makes you look forward to the shaving ritual ?

- Is it the Razor that has the perfect blade angle and the ideal exposure. Just the feel of the cold steel 🪒

- Or is it the Blade that's sharp and yet smooth and forgiving ? :straight:

- Maybe its the Brush that you love massaging your face with

- The Soaps that make you look forward to trying out new fragrances everyday

- That Aftershave that stays with you for the day and gets you all the compliments 👍

What is it for you ? For the sake of simplicity, maybe we can skip the pre-shave creams and include straights under "Razor" or "blade" if you please.
For me it is all of the choices. The most part that I look forward to (not in the choices) is the experience and mental state that I can put myself into.

I think that without straight razor shaving, my mental state during this pandemic would have been much worse. I owe a lot of gratitude to the members of B&B who have guided me in my SR journey.
I look forward to the whole shave. Those 15 to 40 minutes that are mine to enjoy. Sometimes it distracts me or allows me to think of things happening in life.

I find shaving is a bit of a challenge, needs some thiught to have good technique to provide a good shave with no irritation. What went well and what can be improved is something I consider most shaves.

Then a nice scent for a few hours and smooth face is just icing on the cake.
The most important thing for me is the aftershave. I love a strong burn and I am quite prepared to shave too close in order to get it. I mainly use vintage 70s aftershaves and when I splash them on I close my eyes and reach out across almost 50 years and see my parents together again. It comforts me and makes me feel good about life and about myself. It is not the scent itself but rather what the scent does and the way it makes me feel. You cannot put a price on it.
Like most others replied, it's the entire ritual that I love. I set my alarm clock a bit earlier so I can enjoy this moment of calm before the start of any day.
Having a toddler running around here I can really enjoy that moment of quiet and I can get. Real me-time. That Said I love most razors I own and how they shave, I love the scent of my soaps and aftershaves. I love how my face feels feathersoft after a shave. 😄
Scents of the soap and especially aftershave for me. The razor only insofar as it gets me my desired result, which is usually, just a close and comfortable shave. Only occasionally do I go for the BBS these days, because if I do a BBS shave, I won’t need to shave the next day, and I like to shave.
For the past 60 years I've always enjoyed my morning shave, "My Me Time", especially now that I'm retired and the nest is empty, enjoying the peace and quiet. It's a time that I not only enjoy my shave but think about what the events of the day will be. And hope my wife doesn't want something under the sink.
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