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What makes Mitchell Wool Fat Soap so popular?

In my opinion, it's the post shave feel that really sets it apart from all others. You don't even realize what a great shave you had with MWF until a couple hours afterward.

+2 MWF post shave feel is excellent. I used MWF after a couple of shaves with bad irritation. The irritation ended with this shave. The shave was closer and did not need ASB. I have hard water and there were no issues lathering. My skin felt soft, supple and smooth.
MdC and MWF feel completely different to me so it's hard to compare them, although I prefer MWF. I prefer DR Harris to MdC and MWF as it provides as good a lather as either, is easier to lather than MWF, and cheaper than MdC.
With MWF, it's down to several things.

People have mentioned the after moisturising effects (lanolin .. etc), which is valid. Whilst some may get irritation from MFW that % is minimal, however Lanolin sensitivity vs hypoalogenic is another conversation.

Now some refer to the Lather. The question would be - how do you like you lather. Now you can et everything from bubbles to paste. Im "my" opinion, you can never work MFW to Palmolive or Tabac standards. To get a paste takes some wrist work with soft water.

Now does it work. WELL (and here's one for the flaming). It depends on your shave. If you are going to rush with a 12-15 minute shave, then MWF is not for you and would not bother and your end face will not be soft as a result. However - One thing I have learned from this is ... in the MFW's of the world - take your time .. A little longer than a Tabac or Palmolive time frame, as IN the END you'll not enjoy MWF for what it is.

IF you spend your time with it, it'll treat you well. I can have great shaves with it - but "if" I'm rushing, no amount of MWF will save me.
On the post people are referring to bowl lathering / face and palm lathering. In my experience, bowl will never get past bubble stage, face can produce pillow meringue (but nothing like Tabac or Palmolive) and palm doesn't work for me (unless you work and press between thumb and 1st finger to sweep off brush to face re-lather)

On another note. I use a Lanolin / almond cream for either post shave (if irritated) or overnight and it is simply superb. So the "lanolin" portion may work for you. "IF" lanonlin does not work for you, then go find another soap / cream.
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So the "lanolin" portion may work for you. "IF" lanonlin does not work for you, then go find another soap / cream.
This is really a very good analysis of MWF. The lanolin *DOES* work for me. And MWF is my goto soap.

But without the lanolin there are a lot that best it. I do not take MWF on the road with me unless I know the water where I'm going. And I do not find it difficult to lather. My travel soap is plain jane Arko, but that has no lanolin.
Not factoring cost into the equation, does anyone here prefer MWF over MdC? DR Harris?
I use both, but give the edge to MdC for ease of lathering and all around awesomeness. MWF is in my top 10 though, and is a fantastic soap

I probably posted this upthread, but I'll say it again: for me MWF lathers easily, and I have hard water that makes many soaps cry
Uncle. Im not saying some people don't legitimately have trouble with it, but I put off buying it for years because it was allegedly finicky, and
I'm mad that I waited so long
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