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What makes a Straight Razor for Heavy Beards

Recently I saw a very nice expensive straight razor from France that was advertised for heavy beards. I was wondering what makes a razor more suitable for Heavy Beards? What characteristics does it have? Also, how would you define a heavy beard?
Good technique and a well done edge should take care of anything. I used to think heavy grinds were superior shavers but for the last several years Ive been using hollow grinds and sold all my heavy grinds. I think brand is less important than who is honing the razor.
It is all marketing for the most part....there is no hair we will be shaving genuinely thick enough to warrant a specific razor just to tackle it...so then it comes down to weight and feel. Some people like hollow grinds because they get audible feedback and the are more nimble....others like the super-wide heavier grinds because the weight of the razor does a lot of the work on its own (perhaps driving the perception that these near-wedges at 7/8+ are better for a heavier beard) at the sacrifice of some maneuverability. Some also just like the wider blades because they can carry more shaving cream and stubble without having to clean the blade as much....so just like a lot of these factors...YMMV.

If you really want to try out a heavy grind....take a look at a Koraat if you can find one....lol. Those thing could shave a gorilla in 2 passes.
I have a fairly thick beard but I love the thinner grinds and have no problem getting nice shaves from them. The reason for liking the the thinners grinds is the sound feedback I get as they plow it down. I have a TI that just sings to me with each pass. I also have a wedge that that is just as efficient in beard removal but it's so quiet. Very much like an SBD fart.

If I were a mod, you'd have a new custom title right now.....

I don't think there's anything "wrong" with the title. Some folks think there is no such thing as a razor that is "better" for heavier beards, however you define "heavier beards." These folks typically think all that is required is a properly honed edge. Other folks think a heavier grind makes for a better razor for heavier beards.

Just another ymmv type thing that keeps forums hopping, imo.
I agree with buca. I've got a pretty tough beard and after a few years with DE/straights, I find everything works well (my 7/8 Hart, which is my thickest grind, actually took the longest to get acclimated to). When I started, I really thought specific DE blades and straight grinds made a difference. Prep and technique go a looooong way.
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