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What made you happy today?


For years I have needed a new roof. Due to situations a few years ago, I had to pay for this one out of pocket. New roof went on Saturday, made final payment today. My home is now secure, and I only owe my 401k- worst comes to worst and I get fired, just have to pay the tax penalty. Now to do the other, less costly work, like the cement board siding to replace the vinyl on my gable ends.


The 2020 B&B LE pipe details were released. I ordered a purple stem.


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The 2020 B&B LE pipe details were released. I ordered a purple stem.
Thanks for the link. Those are wonderful looking!
Actually crossed the threshold of some good friends’ home today! Food cart takeout shared lunch, conversation, and coffee brewed outside my home! Face to socially distanced face!
The weather was nice today when I got home from work. After some sanitizing and a shower I hung out with my almost 9 month old son in the backyard while my wife took her turn to shower. Lying on a blanket, blowing bubbles, putting him down the little slide and listening to blue grass for kids. Got lots of laughs and big smiles (both of us). Hands down the highlight of my day.
Two things: 1) Had an impromptu online chat with some fellow teachers. It was the first time we had seen and talked to each other since March! 2) I'm a faculty co-sponsor of our Gay-Straight Alliance club, and we had great turnout at our (online) meeting. Great to see their faces, hear their voices, and check in with them to make sure they are OK, or at least OK-ish.