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What Lather Bowl Did You Use Today


Not made for these times.
They have some beautiful lather bowls. If you get a chance, I’d love to see a pic of yours.
Certainly, sir.

I bought it from Cayuen’s official website, but I still haven’t received the delivery email after three weeks. I asked Cayuen on Etsy two days ago and there was no reply.
Have you received the bowl or the workshop's reply?

I placed an order on their website on May 21 with PayPal, haven't got any updates, tried their website's Contact Us form on Jun 15, still don't got any reply, think I used a different email address than my PayPal address and sent another mail from my PayPal one on Jun 20, still no reply, but I got shipping update from PayPal just now! Looks like it's really hard to have some short chat with makers recently ...

It would need another few weeks for me to receive it, but I'm really looking forward to actually hold that bowl.

I think I first became aware of this bowl from @Phoenixkh's post, did some search, and instantly blown away by its design (the ribs and undecut rim) and coloring. I'll post some photos after I received it, before then, I'm keep using that great collapsible silicone bowl from Stirling ...


Not made for these times.
The bowl is definitely stunning!

I am looking to upgrade my starter bowl and am strongly considering a CaYuen. Compared to other bowls, it seems to have more raised ridges. Do you recommend using any particular technique or more soap with the bowl? I appreciate any advice you have!
It's a great bowl, my friend. I just kind of eyeball it until I get my lather where I want it to be. Everyone should have one. imho. :)

All my soaps/creams work well with that baby.
Got this scuttle about 10 years ago from a potter. It's huge and heavy, so very stable doesnt need to be held when in use. Holds warmth very well too. I like it a lot.View attachment 1865877
That's gorgeous! I really like the ribbed edge around the top. Very nice!

What did you think of the soap? I’m almost at the end of my SV Cubebe and Argania is on the shortlist.
The performance of the soap is the typical SV performance, so no concerns there. The scent, however, is probably more what you are interested in. It has to my nose, main notes of myrrh & patchouli. It also says there is vanilla in it & perhaps I can detect the vanilla, too. I'm not especially fond of myrrh or patchouli so I won't add a tin of Argania to my den. I prefer milder scents in my soaps. The Argania is not overpowering in its scent, it's probably even considered mild as far as strong-scented soaps go. But it is too much for me, nonetheless.
Corningware soup mug with handle. These originally come with a microwave safe vented lid, but essentially they are just a really big coffee mug. A four ounce shaving puck fits PERFECTLY in the bottom of this thing. So It's been repurposed as a shaving mug. Now contains a Mitchell's Wool Fat puck. Once you whip up a lather out of this mug, you'll wonder why you ever put tomato soup in this thing. CorningWare® 20-ounce Light Blue Meal Mug™ with Vented Lid - https://corelle.com/products/corningware-20-ounce-light-blue-meal-mug-with-vented-lid
That's gorgeous! I really like the ribbed edge around the top. Very nice!
Thanks. It's a great piece of kit. It has some nicely done raised concentric circles inside that help with the process. I'll take some better pics tomorrow.

I really love the weight of it, how it holds the heat and sits still as I whisk. Functional and a handsome piece.
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