what kind of shaving can I expect from AC type razors?

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    My feedback .

    I am very satisfied with my injector razors. I would like to try an AC format in the future.

    One thing that I would have liked in AC razors would be a clone of E2. It is good to have a razor that has all parts connected. If I am not wrong only Cobra razor offered a design like the Injector E2.

    Also. There are 3 types of injector razor blades. It is possible to cut an AC blade to injector size in case we would like to try something from Ac blades choices.
  1. I don't think I'll buy it. I already have 2 Enders, which were included in a razor lot I'd purchased, and adding one more razor just for blade doesn't seem reasonable :)

    Thanks for advice, anyway.
  2. Hmm ok, hanging on to two Enders you don't use seems a waste to me , sorry I don't have an extra blade I'd send you one. One just sold for $14.50 with 5 blades.

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  3. Look up the Schick Proline B-20. From what I've read they are the same as the Proline P-20 for the AC razor, but are injector sized. No key on the cartridge though so you would have to load them into a keyed cartridge to get them into the razor.
  4. Another vote for the Proline B20. Just did my 12th shave with one in a Schick Stick. Blade has no indication of slowing down. Still sharp and smooth.

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