what kind of shaving can I expect from AC type razors?

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    I easily get BBS from most of my injectors.
    and I get BBS from more than half of my ASR(Gem, Star, Ever Ready) razors.
    I get BBS from a few of my DE razors.

    I'm mostly into vintage razors. and now I'm interested in modern razors using AC blades.
    How does it shave compared to vintage injector, ASR razors and DE?
    Is the shaving much different from the vintage razors mentioned above?

    I've searched for related posts and still got no clue. Any guys who can enlighten me about AC type razors?

    and could you recommend an affordable one? I'm thinking of Razorock Hawk.
    but any suggestion around $100 would be okay.
  1. I find the AC format pretty similar to injectors in terms of performance, but probably a bit better. Maybe this is because more effort has gone into blade development and there's a lot more choice, so you can get the one that suits you best. As with injectors, blades are held very rigid in the AC razors, so there's no chatter, and they last very well -- three or four times as long as with most modern DE blades.
    The razor heads of AC razors are, of course, wider than injectors, but I really don't find this a problem. In fact, the razor I find easiest to use in awkward to reach areas, like under my nose, is the Blackland Vector. Not far behind at all in term of ease of use is the aluminium ATT SE1 razor, which I believe is probably around the $100 mark. Not that there's anything wrong with the much cheaper Razorock Hawk, which is a fine razor if a bit crude looking compared to either the Vector or the SE1.
  2. I bought a Razorock Hawk on the BST. Just waiting in some Schick Proline P20s to arrive on the slow boat from Japan. Love the Proline in injectors. Hoping for equally great shaves in the Hawk.
  3. The Hawk is one of my favorite razors. I'm a bit contrary in that I prefer the Feather Pro blades to the Schick Prolines.
  4. That might be me, too. I picked up a stainless SE1/SE2 combo, which I have since re-configured as two separate complete razors. (My personal quirk...) When I bought them I picked up a pack of Feather Pro blades because I could get them in the same order. I later ordered a pack of the Schick Prolines from Japan.

    I had an extremely close, smooth shave from the Feather Pro. When the Schick arrived I put one in the SE1 and even knowing to pay extra attention I soon became well familiar with that icy-cold feeling of a supremely sharp edge removing a piece of skin. I'm no stranger to getting cut -- but mostly when it's happened in the past it was somebody else holding the blade. :117:

    So that made things a little tense for a while. I decided to take a couple of weeks and shave with a known mild razor, even if it meant doing some extra cleanup. So I'm cruising with an ATT G1 for the moment. When I've done that a couple of blades I'll put a Feather Pro back in the SE1 and give 'er a whirl. Hopefully it won't be quite so interesting.

  5. No reason not to expect a BBS from an AC format razor.

    Personally, the Hawk is a good, ultra mild shave (with a Feather Pro), but takes a ton of cleanup (at least the v1) to achieve best results. I might try to pick up a Colonial General (v2 is in development) or an ATT SE. The Blackland Vector is getting a ton of good press too.
  6. AC is closer to an injector than a GEM. It's important to note that AC has many more blade options than injectors so you can really dial in the perfect performance for you.
  7. Thanks for the all detailed explanations and recommendations. Reading your comments, some high end razors seem to be better choices than razorock hawk
  8. I find the Hawk gives me as close a two pass shave as my MMOC, but I have the V2. I'm not sure that your experience with the V1 is relevant to the newer model.
  9. I'm a big fan of the RazoRock Hawk - the V2 or current model. That said, if I were willing to spend the money I would buy a Blackland Vector or maybe a stainless steel Above the Tie SE1. My preference is still for razors with a bit more heft than the current aluminum Hawk (I'd quickly order a stainless Hawk if they ever start making them again).
  10. I've got a satin aluminum Hawk (angled cap, not rounded, so I think that's a V1) and I love it. I originally bought it because I hadn't gotten along with my Feather AC RG folding or CJB non-folding razors and I didn't want to waste the blades. I'm glad I did; I can't imagine getting a closer shave. Three passes and I'm good for almost 36 hours.
  11. NoScrubs

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    My Vector post may help: My Journey with a Blackland Vector
    There are times that even after a good DE shave I clean up a couple of trouble spots with the Vector.
  12. bberg100

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    I have a v1 Hawk, and a brass General. Both are great razors, both give easy BBS. I have only used Feather Pro blades. I get better results with either, compared to an injector. Still prefer the older GEM style SEs.
  13. I have a SS Colonial General (sadly no longer available) and get BBS shaves with an AC blade (KAI Titan Mild Guard blade).

    I think the blade concept results in a great result.
  14. I have an aluminum Colonial General, and it's a great razor. I had the brass version briefly, but I actually like the aluminum one better, so I sold the brass one.

    It shaves pretty much exactly like an injector, but with a wider blade. Very smooth shaver, and even one pass is CCS.
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    I believe they are the sharpest blades you can buy. Any of them. The one I use most is my General aluminum with an iKon Tuck-away stainless steel handle. I now use a Proline blade. Gives me great shave everytime.

    Nivea RR.JPG
  16. While I love Schick Proline blades I find the trade off in maneuverability not worth the gain in efficiency the wide format AC blade gives me, particularly on my head. The heavier AC format razors particularly (have not tried the Vector). I stick to injector format, the Enders-Proline combination working best for me.[​IMG]

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  17. I have a couple of Enders Speed. But I dont have its proprietary blade. Wish I could try them someday. I've read a lot of positive reviews about the razor.
  18. Thanks fot all your comments. I've read them all and will set my mind on purchasing one of the razors mentioned. Your comments really helped me a lot.
    Thank you!
  19. I recommend keeping an eye out for an Enders with a blade or two to modify for the shim, it's certainly with the $20 or a little more it might cost you.

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