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What is your worst blade?

I can get a decent shave with many of these and have a little love for Derby but the all time worst is Treet. I still have a few and should try them to see if they are still awful and if they are not just rust packets at this point.
I don't think I have a worst blade, like, anything I tried so far have me at least am ok shave. I was not so impressed with Astra SP or Gillette 7 o'clock yellow, but they worked.
Derby Extra, Shark Super Chrome, Dorco ST-301, Gillette Goal Stainless, Bic Astor Stainless and every Chinese blade that I've come across.
While most of these blades aren't beyond terrible and it's possible to get at least a DFS at best, the process is rather painful (especialy if I haven't shaved in a while or if my prep is rushed) and using any of these blades more than twice ( in most cases more than once) is a pure form of masochism.
I haven't tried that one yet. These are the blades that I've tested a while ago and I think I used some other Chinese blades too, but I don't remember their names and I can't find the packs atm.
Shark super chrome without a doubt. They are only tolerable in my Fatip Piccolo and I think that is more to do with the razor than the blade
This is so confusing. YMMV to the extreme. Some of the ones listed are in my "maybe buy 100 of these" territory, such as Polysilver SI, Dorco ST301, and Shark SS.

My worst blade is Derby Extra.
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