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What is your travel kit for straight razor shaving?

I will make my first long trip for 1 or 2 months after i began straight razor shaving. so i wonder what you carry with you for your long trips and suggestions as well.


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A shorty razor (or a GD, depending on how worried I am about it getting nicked out of my Luggage.) in a kangaroo leather wrap.



A rollable kangaroo strop in a case.



CrOx on leather for touch-ups (but I haven't needed to use that on a trip yet.)


+ A wee scot, and a shave stick, usually DR Harris Arlington.

Slash McCoy

I freehand dog rockets

Black badger brush, medium loft
mug and VDH melted in
leather bench strop in my briefcase
Clubman AS
one or two straights, either vintage, or modded GD


30mm FS silvertip
24-26mm black badger for backup
mug and VDH and extra puck
KMF (optional)
Alum block
Ogallala bay rum
this http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/172571 full of vintage blades or else several modded GD razors along with one Henckels, Boker, or Case vintage
1x3x12 balsa pasted with .5u diamond and CrOx
Big Daddy strop
For 1-2 months, a Tupperware container and lid, carrying the following:

(2) 5/8 razors in coffin boxes;
(2) barber's towels;
(1) 1 1-3/4" wide Dovo Russian leather/linen strop;
(1) tube Dovo white paste;
(1) 40 x 150 mm coticule;
(1) Muehle new synthetic brush w/stand;
(1) La Toja shaving stick;
(1) alum block (also serves as a deodorant);
(1) bottle Thayer's witch hazel or a/s of choice.
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1 straight (maybe 2 for variety) in leather pouches (great shavers, but also ones that I could live without if lost in luggage).
Simpsons Case brush in container.
Stick of Valobra.
Small (~5 oz) bottle of witchhazel.
Smaller bottle of Alt-Innsbruck or Proraso AS.
I usually roll up and pack a strop as well.
...all in a convenient Air France zippered bag that they used to hand out with sock and eye mask for sleeping.

No hones - not necessary for a week or two.
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I take all six of my razors, my strop, soap, brush and alum. For a trip that long, I would probably pack all three of my aftershaves as well.
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