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What is your test blade?

I've only been de shaving for about a year. Been really getting more consistant over the last couple of months. Blades that I thought were bad are ok now. I really haven't found a terrible blade yet.
Lord Silver Star...I actually don't need any other kind of blade, but doesn't stop me from attempting to find a second "Goldilocks" blade
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Depends on the razor's geometry and reputation.

For milder razors, I'll usually stick a Bic CP in there. Or, something similarly sharp-ish.

For more aggro units, I'll usually start with a Derby Extra just to feel it out. After I learn it's personality I'll work my way back up to something sharper. For example, after many 'get-to-know-you' shaves I now use a Bic CP in my Lupo .95 SB. Definitely wouldn't have started there, tho.
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