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What is your test blade?

German Wilkinsons has a one problem. Nothing really surpass them in combined sharpness and smoothness. The second head shave with them is the best what I have experienced so war.
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I don't have the experience most of you have. I'm currently using a Wizamet Super Iridium as my test blade. I have had excellent shaves with the KCG, Gillette 7 O'clock blacks, USA Personna Lab "Blue"s and Kai blades as well.
Always Bic first. If it doesn't perform well I go for Gillette Platinum.

If it still doesn't work, I usually jump to the mild end of spectrum, usually derby extra. Or treet BB and even classic.

That flow usually gives me an idea of how the razor works.

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Astra SP(Green) is a good gauge to test other blades for myself, if a blade exceeds the Astra SP it rated higher if it does not perform as well it rated below this standard Gillette blade. Might as well use a standard Gillette blade because all blades are based off of their patented blade physical specs that has expired decades ago I understand.
German Wilkinson. Sharp enough and smooth (for me).
My go to blade is Astra SP's, it's what I normally use. However, for testing a new razor I almost always reach for German Wilkie's. Not because they are the best, but because they are such an 'average' blade.

Average sharpness, average smoothness, and average longevity.
The mildest blade for the razor.
Soap is actually the variable I change.
Blade stays the same for 3-4 days per week and usually I get a fresh blade of the same type so long as I like the shave. So it could be 9, 12, 14-15 shaves on the same brand of blade. Usually same razor. And then the soap usually changes every 1-3 days. CELLA always has a week appearance.
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