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What is your test blade?

I've only been DE shaving a few months. Currently I'm going through a 2 each 15 blade sampler. I try each kind on my 1940's tech razor and new Murker progress.

I've used a few Astra SP blades that I had a 10 ok of. I like this blade well and will continue on through the sampler.

Recently however I purchased a super speed, 1960 fatboy, and Schick Krona.

My question is, what do you all use as your "test blade" to see how a razor generally performs?


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It's not so much YMMV as going with a blade that you are most familiar with. For me, that's GSB, I've probably used 250 throughout the years.

If Astra is agreeable, might as well work it into a benchmark. Most people find it a good blade with very little surprises.


Dances with Wolfs
My test blade for any new razor is Astra SP. It’s a good no nonsense, middle of the road blade with the perfect balance of sharpness and smoothness. I usually tend to gravitate towards sharper blades after that, but I usually start with the Astra SP.


Dances with Wolfs
I don't have a single test blade. Razors perform differently with different blades. Some combinations are better than others
Agreed, but if you were to get a new razor, for which you are unfamiliar, what would be that go-to blade that you would try first in that new razor?
Great question!

To ’test’ a new razor, I run through my ‘top-tier’ blades (in no particular order):
Astra SP
Wizamet SI (or Polsilver)
Personna lab (or med prep)
Personna red (Israeli)
When trying out a new razor, it is best to try it with several different blades with which you have familiarity. Sometimes a razor will work great with one blade, but not so much with another. You can use nearly any razor if you pair it with the right blade. As a general rule, if the razor is more aggressive, use a less aggressive blade. Use super sharp blades in a mild razor.
Haven’t really thought about it but likely anything except a Feather, KAI or BIC as these can be great or awful depending on the razor.

Personna Israeli Red I guess, if I really wanted to compare different razors. And just because I have almost 1000 Personnas and use them a lot.
I use either of my favorite blades, the Perma Sharp Super or Personna Platinum (old Israeli ones). I've had enough shaves to know how they shave, so I can properly assess a new razor. To me, these blades are the right balance of sharp and smooth (on the sharper side, but I tend to use too much pressure and mangle my face with blades that aren't the sharpest)
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