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What is your spouse/girlfriend/significant other’s favorite scent on you?

My wife has a particular perfume she wears that I like a great deal. I associate that scent with her. I have a scent she associates with me & I wear it most of the time, It is a bourbon & vanilla mixture of TSD Bourbon & Vanilla aftershave mixed with Nivea Deep Vanilla Bourbon aftershave.
I have 18 full size sets of stirling. there are some she likes more than others, but there are none I don't think she genuinely dislikes. I can tell you executive man and campania drive her nuts. she just got me a set of hipster and she can't get enough of that either!
she still tolerates me with glastonbury and nag champa in the rotation (2 of my all time favorites) so I should probably just put a ring on it already. it's funny, since I got into this hobby she has gotten her own hobby in perfumes. she uses a little subscription services and gets sample every month.
My wife loves the lingering scent of Tabac soap, and especially loves Captain's Choice Bay Rum aftershave.

Apart from those the only strong opinion she's ever expressed is regarding Stirling Varen, which she will only let me use when she's not home, lol.
None..! My love basically hates any perfume/-like scent on me. I apply scents for my own sake, and despite her - period!


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None..! My love basically hates any perfume/-like scent on me. I apply scents for my own sake, and despite her - period!
I am in much the same boat my friend.... My wife doesn't really despise anything I love in scents, but she is not a big fragrance person. I'm strange. I sometimes like an in your face scent, but one that usually tames down after a bit, but most of the time I like classic old man scents that only I can smell after a bit of time....
She loves Tom Ford F***ing Fabulous.
She likes Fine Santal Absolut
Dr Harris Sandalwood
Old Spice
Dior Homme Intense.

I tried the Veg on her she was in a rush she said sort of yes its good uhh maybe I don't know.
I'm not sure I'm chosen I have to give it another try.
What scent (cream/soap/aftershave) does your significant other prefer on you and how do you feel about the scent they like?

I’ve tried Proraso Red & Green and a few of the samples of TOBS creams. I prefer the TOBS Sandalwood the most. I had my wife smell some in the containers and some on me after I was done shaving and she also prefers the TOBS sandalwood too. I never told her my favorite prior to her smelling and choosing her favorite.
Stirling Iced Pineapple
My wife has never complained about any, but I only remember her complimenting Floid Blue and the Epsilon copy, and WSP Olympus. Recently, I got a set of Maol/Talbots Island in the Sun and we both are reminded of some of the resorts we stayed at in the Bahamas and Caribbean.
Geir Ness. It's Norwegian, and we discovered in Epcot after riding the old Maelstrom ride there and exiting into the store. She fell in love and bought me some, and now she says whenever I wear it she's ready for her Viking to pillage her village. Direct quote!
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