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What is your spouse/girlfriend/significant other’s favorite scent on you?


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
She likes:

PAA Amalfi Coast
PAA Speakeasy
PAA Fresco
Captain's Choice Venture
PAA Space Nog
PAA Atomic Pumpkin
Stirling Black
Stirling Deton-8
Mostly my wife doesn’t like the scents I use. The only ones she has commented favourably about were Martin de Candre Vetyver and Boellis Panama 1924. She doesn’t seem to mind Acqua di Parma Colonia or Dior Eau Sauvage, both of which I use a lot, so I guess they’re ok.

She objects strongly to any cedar scent as it seems to cause her nose to block and she can’t breathe - so I avoid those, especially in the evening. Beyond that she usually just asks me what my scent is because she thinks it smells weird - that goes for most of them - so not a complaint, more a “what ARE you wearing?”
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My wonderful LOTH doesn't care what I use. So, for now at least, I will stick with Noble Otter's A/S which matches their soap scent I am using--currently Barr Barr (shown above).
My wife likes:
Paco invictus
Zaharoff rosè
Barrister behold the whatsis
Paco invictus platinum
Sv ambra

That’s it. She hates the other 500 things i wear.
My wife will often snuggle up to me and say "You smell nice - what is that lovely scent you are wearing?". My reply will be "My love, that is vintage Yardley/Brut/Old Spice/Aramis/Tabac/Givenchy Gentleman/Kouros/Drakkar Noir/Polo" or any of dozens of other scents. The point is this - if I wear any of those exact same scents and snuggle up to her, saying "How do you like my cologne?" - then her reply will invariably be "My love - I don't like it". Women! 😂
The lingering scent of PannaCrema Nuavia Blu soap. It's one of the few shaving soaps I've used where the scent stays around quite a while. She loves this one!

She also likes the scent of Duke Cannon After-Shave Balm.
I think my wife tolerates my aftershaves. She’s never really said she hates any of them, but I can tell she’s not in love with any of them either…😁
So, I just tried that.... I got in some Fine snake bite. I put some on and she said I smell like medicine and go away.

What have you used?
Due to my OL's allergies, pretty much anything strongly scented is out. If I locked her in a perfumerie, I could collect on her life insurance. Luckily, I prefer to avoid strong or lasting scents myself.

Basically, I don't use splashes, if I get them in an ebay lot or as a gift, I pif them. Instead, I use toner WH, and (usually) Nivea PSB.

As for soaps, my favorites are WMS, MWF, B&M 42, Stirling Coniferous, Drunken Goat.
Any bay rum is good, and any straight sandalwood (or sandalwood bay rum, of course), but not any barbershop sandalwood blends. Anything “powdery” is bad, and that description covers a lot. She likes the straight cedar oil aftershave I’ve been using OK, and it has the added benefit of keeping clothes moths off my sweaters.
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