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What is your “must try” aftershave?

So i’m an unabashed aftershave junkie. I’ve spent more $ on aftershave than razors, soaps, brushes and blades combined. It’s the one thing i love most about discovering DE shaving. Since i respect the opinions of all my fellow shavers here, i wanted to ask what would be the one “must try” aftershave you’d recommend to someone? I’m talking the one that either blew your mind with its scent, performance or menthol kick. Whatever made the biggest impression splashing on for the first time. Personally, i think mine would be Krampert’s Finest Frostbite. The scent, menthol and post shave feel all meld together to create a truly awesome aftershave experience. It may not be my “favorite,” but it’s the one i recommend people try out just because it’s an awesome overall experience. So lets hear what you all would recommend as a game changing aftershave!


I don't use aftershave. Like ever. I sometimes will use a Nivea balm or unscented witch hazel.

1) I don't like the sting of most aftershaves
2) Strong smells often give me migraines and I've found most aftershaves are stronger scented than soap
3) I like my soap scents
4) I had to draw the line somewhere in this rabbit hole

But alas, I ordered some samples from Spearhead for their Seaforth! line and they only come in soap and AS combo sample set.

I passed the Heather set along to another B&Ber because, while they smelled nice, they were just too strong for me and were clearly going to give me a headache.

The Spiced on the other hand smelled great and wasn't overpowering. I noticed that the AS was a witch hazel base instead of an alcohol base so I decided to give it a try.

I now use aftershave. I didn't order the soap (I have way too many already) but I did order the aftershave in a full bottle.

The Seaforth! Spiced scent is great - and has yet to give me a migraine. Yet, I can smell it throughout the day and it makes me smile. My wife likes it too.

So it's so good it converted me to using aftershave almost daily.
My vote goes to the Fine brand of aftershaves in your scent of choice (my favorite is L'Orange Noir). I didn't think I would like these aftershaves because they only contain alcohol, water, fragrance and menthol, but my face responds really well to them and they've quickly become my favorite. Some of the balms and heavier splashes leave my skin too oily, even in winter, but the Fine splashes are just perfect for me.


I'm a Lumberjack.
This is a tough question for me because I like several brands. But a must try? I think I’d say tallow + steel or sv because they both are a hybrid between a balm and a splash and both easily take menthol.
it’s hard not to list some basic staple ones like proraso. But must try? In addition to my above I think wsp is pretty special in terms of scents, strength, face feel ingredients and availability.
I know I already answered, but I’ll also give a shout out to Truefitt & Hill balms—especially 1805. Fantastic fragrances and my skin feels so incredibly moisturized after using them.
Fine accoutrements lavender pour homme and American blend...quality stuff, too bad they are discontinued
As far as I'm aware American Blend will still be produced. It's just that instead of a hard soap now it will be croap style. The aftershave is unchanged.

The scents I'm aware of that are discontinued are the two vetivers, lavender pour homme, and santal absolut. The rest will still be produced and I'm sure some new scents will come along to replace the discontinued ones.
Two European Classics:

1. Ralon

It is an AS from Croatia (i think) with a weird design but
it is so interesting because it is the original Pitralon recipe from like the 20s, a true classic
( I especially recommened this to people who enjoy special reserve from Pinaud)


2. CHH Tobacco
Over 40 year old by now and dirt cheap (like 1,50 €)
It smells like i imagine every real man smelled like in the 50s and 60s
It is in my top 3 Aftershaves and goes great with Tabac

DR Harris Sandalwood.I didn’t like it at first but it became one of my favorites after a season of using it. It’s got something that moisturizing the skin while being a splash. Contrary to my own thoughts at first. A lot of women complemented the fragrance on me.


Several come to mind:

1) Barrister and Mann Bay Rum
2) Lustray Spice
3) Seaforth! Spiced!
4) Barrister and Mann Seville
5) Stirling Bay Rum
6) Bootlegger's Bay Rum
7) Bootlegger's El Dorado
8) Barrister and Mann Reserve Spice

How's that for starters?
my #1 is crown shaving co tonic, but i also enjoy AB and latigo from Fine, and several of the offerings from Stirling (green, barbershop, deep blue sea, sharp dressed man, gentleman) and PAA (cavendish, atomic age, porthos).
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