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What is Your Ink Inventory?

Curious what y'all have in your ink inventory. Here is mine, and yes, that 32 oz bottle of Shaeffer Scrip is NOT a typo. It is a vintage, new, never opened school inkwell filler bottle. It is also my doomsday stash of my favor ink.

DiamineAncient Copper80 ml1
WatermanAqua50 ml1
ViscontiAquamarine50 ml1
AuroraBlack45 ml1
CrossBlack2 oz1
OmasBlack62 ml1
Parker PenmanBlack50 ml1
Parker QuinkBlack2 oz1
ReformBlack62 ml1
RotringBlack0.75 oz1
Sheaffer SkripBlack2 oz1
WatermanBlack50 ml1
AuroraBlue45 ml3
Mont BlancBlue50 ml1
Parker PenmanBlue (Sapphire)50 ml1
Parker QuinkBlue2 oz5
RotringBlue0.75 oz1
WatermanBlue50 ml2
LamyBlue-Black50 ml1
OmasBlue-Black62 ml1
Pelikan - old bottle with pen restBlue-Black50 ml2
PelikanBlue-Black2 oz1
Sheaffer Skrip - old formulaBlue-Black2 oz3
Sheaffer SkripBlue-Black32 oz1
WatermanBlue-Black50 ml1
DiamineGreen80 ml1
Parker PenmanGreen50 ml1
WatermanGreen50 ml1
OmasGrey62 ml1
Sheaffer SkripGrey2 oz1
Parker PenmanMocha50 ml1
Sheaffer SkripPurple2 oz1
WatermanPurple50 ml1
Parker PenmanRed50 ml1
PelikanRed2 oz1
Sheaffer SkripRed2 oz1
WatermanRed50 ml1
DiamineRed Dragon80 ml1
Sheaffer SkripYellow2 oz1
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I'm not motivated to go through everything and do a complete listing, but from memory, I have the following brands, and the following color categories.


  1. Pilot/Namiki, including Iroshizuku.
  2. Sailor Jentle Inks.
  3. De Atramentis (these top three are the brands I use most often).
  4. Monteverde.
  5. Parker Quink.
  6. Pelikan.
  7. Lamy.
  8. Montblanc.
  9. Kaweco (cartridges only).
  10. Private Reserve.
  11. Noodlers (I rarely use this or the Private Reserve any more).
  12. Waterman.
  13. Hero.
  14. Platinum.
  15. Akkerman's.
  16. Rohrer and Klingner.
  17. Organics Studios.
Colors. I won't list every shade, but in general, I have:

  1. Blue (my default color).
  2. Blue-Black (I prefer ones that have a visible bluish tinge when dry).
  3. Blue-Green. Or is it Green Blue? I have this one Sailor ink where I've never decided if it's more bluish or greenish.
  4. Green.
  5. Black. In the Navy, everything official had to be in black, and I've been glad to get away from it.
  6. Gray.
  7. Purples. Still haven't found one with the perfect blend of darkness, water resistance, and general pen friendliness, but I have a couple that I like.
  8. Red. Rarely used, but I like to have some handy.
  9. Pink/pinkish. Even more rarely used.
  10. Brown.
  11. I have a set of Pilot cartridges that came with their "Parallel" calligraphy pens which include, if memory serves, yellow and orange, but I've never used them.
And that's about it. I tend to favor darkish colors for most writing at any length, with brighter ones only for emphasis. Which means that I often just use a gel pen or even a ballpoint if I want red. But I do have red FP inks.


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Not much here.

5 x 30ml Diamine bottles (Sherwood Green, Grape, Burnt Sienna, Twilight, & Teal)
3 Packs of Diamine cartridges (Chocolate Brown, Ancient Copper, & Midnight)
2 assortment packs of Diamine cartridges.

That's enough to keep me going for years.
1 Robert Oster Thunderstorm (For my Metro or Swipe)
1 Diamine Matador (for my Pilot Petit1 Mini)
1 Monteverde Horizon Blue (For my Metro or Swipe)
1 Rohrer & Klingner Old Green
1 Rohrer & Klingner Cassia

The R&K inks came with an R&K glass pen I bought.


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I’ve got these scattered between work and home.

I have bunch. Most I have tried and don’t like but the hassle to unloading them isnt worth dealing with so they sit as ornaments on a shelf.

of the couple dozen I have. Three or four I actually use and like.
Diamond Registrars Ink
Noodlers Bad Belted Kingfisher
Noodlers Heart of Darkness
Not much here.

5 x 30ml Diamine bottles (Sherwood Green, Grape, Burnt Sienna, Twilight, & Teal)
3 Packs of Diamine cartridges (Chocolate Brown, Ancient Copper, & Midnight)
2 assortment packs of Diamine cartridges.

That's enough to keep me going for years.

Oh, I forgot I had some Diamine. Syrah and Asa Blue. Haven't used either in a while, maybe I ought to try them again.
I have decided to lighten my load on the inks. Should you be interested in seeing what I am selling, you can visit this link.



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Updating after some additions.

Diamine 30ml bottles:
Grape, Sherwood Green, Teal, Twilight, Burnt Sienna​
Diamine Cartridges:
Blues - Midnight, Regency Blue, & Sapphire Blue,
Other - Ancient Copper, Chocolate Brown, Oxblood, Blood Orange, & Burgundy Royale
Variety Packs - Regal & Prestige

Cult Pens Cartridges (by Diamine):
Deep Dark Blue, Deep Dark, Green, & Deep Dark Purple

Parker Cartridges:
Blue Black
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