What is your gold standard blade(s) to judge other blades?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by Your Majesty, Oct 25, 2018.

    I just tried a Gillette Nacet thanks to @Villalobos and this thing just blew me away.

    It's so smooth and efficient it's like there isn't even any blade in the razor in the first place. Even with Astra you can feel the blade especially if your lather is thin.

    Super smooth BBS right now. Very impressed with this nacet.

    Will this be my new gold standard? Let's see. ;)
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  1. Awesome!!
  2. For me, its Kai. Sharp, smooth and durable.
  3. There are a few that I like a lot, but Nacet is my #1.
  4. You've got my top four since I've never tried labs. I would probably put Nacet at the top, though.
  5. lancre

    lancre Contributor

    Derby Extra - the blades I learned on, and still my yardstick.
    Personna Lab Blue
    Wilkinson Sword
    7 O'Clock Super Stainless
  6. With the kind of prices for Kai, even if it's good..... Nah.....
  7. Another Astra SP vote: sharp, smooth, longlasting...and cheap. For me the biggest advantage is that they don't get rough toward the end (ten or so shaves), just less effective. All other blades I've tried (only about 6-7, though) started causing nicks and weepers as they dulled.
  8. This is an interesting observation. Some blades do seem to get rougher near the end of use, and others simply get less effective. I think I might add Gillette Yellow to this latter category. I'm tempted to add Nacet too, but I need a little more experience with them.
  9. Yep Astra SP

    "Is it better than an astra or not as good as?"

    Astra is a good, reliable, cocsantant performer.

  10. Astra SP and PermaSharp Super, though I do have a few razors that like Feathers best.
  11. Astra SP has been my go-to for a fairly long time now, also close behind are Nacet, Gillette blue, but just discovered the Baili Platinum+ (not to be confused with the other platinum they have), which after 3 blades in and several shaves (form the sample pack that come with my Baili razor) going from dry shave, after a week+'s growth, I've just ordered a 100 pack, and this blade might end up being THE go-to (both myself and my wife)... it's the smoothest blade I've used so far.
  12. Personna Lab blue and Astra SP. I find the Personna to be a little sharper but the Astra are smoother.
  13. The GSB. Particularly after the 1st use.
  14. Feather or Gillette 7OC yellow
    (My top two blades for my beard)
  15. Now, we're talkin'! :thumbsup:

    I see Yellows as essentially a 9/10ths Feather. A really great blade, when I want a slightly toned-down but still Feather-like shave. If two Feathers got together to have kids, the calmer more balanced kid would be a Yellow.
  16. Theyre expensive, no doubt but for me theyre the best performer. At $23 a year for blades, the cost isnt an issue for me. Considering what most of us spend on brushes, soaps and aftershaves, $23 a year is nothing, IMO.
  17. Astra SP
  18. Gillette Silver Blue is my gold standard. Anything sharper is really, really sharp. Anything smoother is evidence I forgot to install a blade.
  19. Am I allowed to have three "gold standards ?" --- Here they are. For me and my face, all are pretty perfect.
    Nacet with my Rockwell 6C, Feather with my Edwin Jagger, and the Israeli Red Personna with my Elite Razor 34C.

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