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What is your go to comfort shave?

Gillette Slim ‘67’
Gillette Spoiler
Old Spice Soap (shulton)
Old Spice AS (shulton)

A really nice old school comfortable shave. I’m lucky to have access to quite a bit of Shulton Old Spice soap and AS. Between my brothers and I we probably have enough Spoiler blades for many years.
EJ89 razor.
Polsilver SI blade.
Proraso green shave cream (I have the C.O. Bigelow, is made by proraso so basically the same thing)
Atomic rocket synthetic brush
Witch Hazel
Skin Brazer
Wow, what a decision. I have to commit to a single setup. I'm feeling an anxiety attack coming on!!!!!

If I had to pick one, here it is:

Personna Red
Paladin 26mm El Dorado
Lucky Old Man
I don’t like my comfort shave. I like that it lets the burn I get from improperly attempting BBS heal, but it reminds me I’ve failed trying to be smooth. As a perpetually socially awkward person, I get this enough without taking blade to my face.

That said…

40-60 vigorous exercise followed by 30-60 minutes cool down so I don’t sweat piggishly post shower (real pigs don’t sweat, so I do it for them). The exercise is really for blood pressure and blood sugar - it’s blood-centric intentions, but knowing the sweat softens the whiskers motivates me
Hot shower
Filling bowl with hot water and shave brush

Physical accoutrement:
Gentleman Jon’s badger brush
Large, grayish $0.50usd bowl from Walmart
Snurdle each of Cremo bourbon and Neutrogena Sensitive shaving cream plus five drops of glycerin (Cremogena Plus recipe from ShaverAZ)
RazoRock BlackHawk V2
Schick Proline blade

The shave:

Still in shower, dump out bowl, shake out and squeeze bristles, put Cremogena Plus in bowl and whip up lather adding droplets of water as needed. When ready, brush all over whiskery parts right-to-left or left-to-right.
Make 1 or 2 fairly steep against the grain sets of passes over said whiskery parts plus a small touch up on the wiry neck hairs that only go willingly on the first use of the blade. Whole lather-through-passing should be over in less than 10 minutes. Should…


Put water on coldest setting and chill top of skull briefly before blasting shaved area; especially neck; for 5-10 seconds per section.
Splash face at sink with cold water and apply alum. Should have no sting if shave went as written.
Leaving alum on face, use hot water in sink to clean razor and blade, pat parts dry and reassemble (flipping blade if previous orientation remembered).
Cold water again to wash off alum and brush teeth (all of them) and then apply aftershave balm or moisturizer.

It‘s what I should be doing tonight. Should…
Oh my Thombrogan! I feel you. That being said can I interest you in a Feather Popular and some canned schmoo? It doesn't go the mile in neurosis, but it gives a mighty fine shave without a lot of effort. Bless your soul.
K ShaveWorx Hump Day soap (quite excellent, yet extremely under-rated) face lathered with my
Yaqi Chianti brush, and smoothly shaved with my Edwin Jagger Ebony and a Feather blade (3).
A nice pass with my Osma Alum block (after a warm and cool water rinse), finished off with a
splash of Clubman Pinaud, and a few minutes later, with Proraso Blue Balm. Sublime indeed !
New Short-comb with a Gillette Platinum or a Personna Blue with a couple of shaves on it. Palmolive stick or maybe McNeil&Murphy Kell's - a soap with that nice green 80's Fougere/herbal scent. Some good music on the house system. Top of the line synthetic brush pumping out that dense yogurt cushion (STF2/Evo/Chubby2Synth) Bathroom hot enough to make it necessary to wipe down the mirror a few times during the shave. Something old-school on the splash - Skin Bracer, Clubman, Gabel's Bay Rum - finish old-school - Noxema / CeraVe. Snifter of Blantons or Four Roses Single Barrel waiting at the end. Aw hell yeah.
My go-to comfort shave has to me a Razorock Black Mamba, bamboo handle, with a fresh feather blade or PolSilver with a face full of PannaCrema tallow soap. Brush varies, but a Paladin gets the nod over the others, mostly.