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What is your go to comfort shave?

So things may or may be a tad out of normal where you live. Sometimes it is the little things that give us a few moments of calm to help us through trying times. Share your comfort shaves here. Maybe you want to walk us through 3+ passes with a _____ and a ______ not to mention your ______. Give it up. I just went super simple to soothe my troubles.

Tonight - Feather Popular( I will never forget that it was PIFed from this forum, a treasure in and of itself), Feather blade, Barbasol from a can( don't hate), one pass... a simple yet great shave . Sometimes simple makes sense out of chaos. Tomorrow's shave will likely be different. At its very base it allows a few moments to slow down and embrace some time of relative sanity. What is/was your comfort shave?
Noxzema+kokum butter+avocado oil Preshave blend
1917 Old Type with custom made ball end handle
BIC, Voskhod, GSB, Super Max Blue Diamond or Astra SP
Shannon's Soaps Barbershop or Cremogena
Shavist Formula Post Shave Balm
Old Type New Handle R.jpg


I didnt know
What is/was your comfort shave?

DE: Fatip Grande with a fresh Feather.

SE: GEM Bullet Tip or MMOC with a GEM PTFE blade.

Soaps: Wickham 1912, PdP 63, WK DM.

Creams: CRS, Captain's Choice, Nivea Sensitive.

Every shave is a combination of the above. Every shave is as comfortable as every other.
Easy. I just shave with one of my straight razors. They always comfort me

Only problem is that my whiskers don't grow fast enough! The forum's recommended fresh manure face pack rinsed off with salt water Doesn't work. Maybe the face pack needs to be left on overnight.
might have to evaluate which species your using.

you probably have unique access in the PI.

This Mornings Shave
Gillette Slim that I bought in '61
Wilkinson Sword blade
Arko stick (bowl pressed)
Vie-Long Cachurro brush
Lucky Tiger Bay Rum SS

I have several razors but my favorites are Gillette Slim, Fatboy, BB, all on 7. Weber PH with Classic Handle.
For Blades I like Astra SP, Wilkinson Sword (I've used these most of my shaving years) and Crystal or Israeli Reds
Soaps- Tabac, Arko (bowl pressed), Cella (kilo), I some times use Williams/Dove mix
Brushes I like mostly Boar and Horse hair
Dependent upon time since my last shave...

Shaved yesterday:
Bic Chrome Platinum
Gillette Black Beauty 109 on setting 2
Yaqi 24mm synthetic with black marble handle
Tabac, proraso creams, or anything from A&E.
Matching aftershave/splash.

48 hours or more since last shave:
Bic Chrome platinum
Gamechanger 84 SB or Jaws or Muhle R41
SOC cherry Boar brush
A&E soap
A&E aftershave
Proraso Red, preshave + shavecream
Silvertip Badger
BIC Chrome Platinum
Gillette Slim
Alum + AS

The important thing is to shower and wash the face well with soap. Apply pre-shave, and then work up a good lather on the face. Shaving starts with a first pass WTG on #4 and then a final pass XTG on #8. That gives a DFS with little work and no complications.


Went for my ‘comfort’ shave today:
Haslinger’s schafmilch (‘tallow’)
Rudy Vey badger
Wolfman WR1
Astra SP blade
Speick splash

’As Good As It Gets!’ :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Bowl pressed Arko? Care to enlighten me?
It is a fairly soft soap. I guess you know that, as I am pretty sure I have seen you post of using it. Anyway, from what I read, some "press" it into the bottom of a bowl and lather it like a puck.

My shave last night, too, was with a Feather Popular. I like the razor, just have to pay more attention to detail to get a close shave as it is MILD! Even though it is plastic, I love how durable and functional it feels. Like it is a tool meant for use. Not pretty, not expensive, not extravagant. Just built to work. Rubbed my "bloomed" Arko stick in the bottom of my Captains Choice ceramic bowl. Whipped up a very nice lather with my trusty VDH boar. Went short stoked and steady to keep the Popular from loading up and skipping whiskers. Nice cold splash rinse. Some Clubman soaking in for a bit and then top off with some Captains Choice balm and head for bed with a fresh feeling/smelling face. Lay down to drift off to sleep next to my beautiful wife...…..and what pandemic/crazy/chaos?
No-name hair shaper Weck style holder, Fromm shaper blades, pre-shave oil, homemade shave soap (cold process), Nivea post-shave balm. Absolute closest shave with the least amount of trauma to the skin.
Sometimes I want to make the shave quick and simple. I may feel tired or am just in a hurry and I want to keep it fast and simple. I will use a cream on those days because I feel a cream lathers faster with less effort.
I will use La Toja cream with a Timeless bowl, my Whipped Dog brush, Hawk 2 razor, (or my ATT G1).
Makes for a nice effortless shave.