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What is your favorite vintage non adjustable razor.

I use my granddad's Gillette old type clone more and more and I think it is my most effective and loved razor.
Now I'm reading a lot about vintage razors on the forum (guess my next one will be a Gillette new type).

But I was wondering: What's your favorite vintage (and why) razor.

Thx for the zillion resposes :welcoming:
I have three, two of them are black handled super speeds , one is a 76 and the other is a 78, the other is a 56 Gillette Diplomat . All three belonged to my Godfather who passed in 2012. I have been using the 78 super speed for 99% of my shaves since August 2012 .


Cheaper than ink
Here are three top favorites. My #1 is probably the Rotbart No.15 (middle), it just shaves so nice for me.


Others are a Golf ASAN and the Gillette President.
This topic brings a question to my mind. In my experience with Gillette TTO’s the English ones have MUCH smoother operation and generally feel more solid. The USA models while they provide good results, have a much sloppier TTO action in comparison. It’s a small sample size to be sure. About 4 English models and approx 9 US models. Anybody else have experience with both, or is this just a hijack and you’re all gonna ignore me?
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