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What is your favorite source for scales?

Well I just broke a second set of vintage scales, this time in the re-pinning process. The last time I did this I bought a set of nice spanish oak scales from The Superior Shave. With this current razor, I don't want to spend too much, so I think I'll just go with plastic scales like the ones I broke. I was thinking of these:

Dovo Straight Razor Replacement Scales Celluloid 5/8 Size | The Superior Shave

I'd like to know where y'all like to buy replacement scales and what your preferred material is (celluloid, G10, wood). I'd also like to know if anyone has a source on the brass pins like the one pictured in the link. I find it much easier to pin razors with those than with plain brass rods.
To clarify on my last question, I already have plenty of the necessary washers for pinning straights. I ordered them from microfasteners. But I'd like to order some 1/16" inch brass "nails" like what's provided from the Superior Shave to use for pinning instead of a straight brass rod.
I make my own, using the set of templates from the web (quite a variety of styles copied from production razors).

I'd be happy to send you a few pair to play with, roughly 1/8" thick, finished on the inside with polyurethane and held in pairs with double sided tape. I sort of got carried away, have several dozen more pairs than I will ever use.

Brass rod is available in hobby stores and on eBay, as is nickel silver infill rod (in the welding supplies). I've also used stainless in 1/16" infill rod (any of the 300 series alloys will work). I'd recommend pinning a few razors with brass before trying the stainless, it's much much harder and takes both a heavier hammer and more skill to prevent bending the rod while riveting.
@psfred Thank you so much! I'd love to take you up on that offer. I'll send you a PM with my address.

I've got some 1/16" brass rod, but I've had difficultly pinning vintage razors with it. I usually either bend the rod or break the scales. I've noticed that all the guys on YouTube that are demonstrating how to pin razors using brass rods have small anvils with a shallow 1/16" hole drilled in it. That would be real handy! Absent one of those, the "nails" like I referred to above are the easiest to use. Something like this:

Ralf Aust Razor Pinning Kit for 2 Razors | Maggard Razors Traditional Wet Shaving Products

If anyone knows of a source where those type of pins could be bought in bulk, I'd appreciate it!


I use an A4 acrilic sheet 3mm thick colour of choice, brass pin stock and washers or nickel silver same with washers. dont use brass washers with nickel silver rod try to keep the same, peen to suit.....
+1 on using brass pins stainless washers or nickel pins and brass washers. Looks neat.

What doesn’t look neat , in my estimation , are the brass “nail” pins. They look awful.
Done correctly ,conventional pinning is pretty easy , looks correct and has worked well for over a century. A wire cutter, file and small hammer is pretty basic .
My preference is wood a(stabilized) at this particular moment. Although it's been a while since I've done it I do like hand laying micarta various colors and materials. Pins have all been plain brass with #0 brass washers and SS spacers between blade and scales. As far as contrasting pin to washers I think it would depend on the scale color.