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What is your favorite soap / cream / stick - why?

I really enjoy Proraso Green. The scent is fantastic to me and it lathers up well. I'd also put Stirling's Margaritas In The Arctic in the running.
But my favorite, if I had to choose just one shaving cream to use, it would be this one ...
No, it doesn't lather.
No, you don't use a brush.
But it just flat-out works for me better than anything else: slick, leaves my face nice and smooth. It's affordable and economical and delivers some of the best shaves I've ever had. This particular scent, Bourbon Vanilla, is my favorite.

I tend to agree with this sentiment, and scent is usually my number one criteria for cream/soap. Having said that, all of my favorites perform pretty darn well:

Soap - MdC (Stirling a strong #2)
Cream - TOBS
Stick - Spieck

100% agree with @gpjoe here. I sampled a ton of soaps and they all perform great these days. I think scent is probably the main "choice" these days because any of them are going to do their job well.

MdC Agrumes is currently nailing both the scent and performance for me.


ancient grey sweatophile
I love MdC. It lathers quickly and provides a slick cushion. A puck lasts a year or more. The scents I have tried (Fougere, Agrumes, and Vetyver) have been superb. I do not like creams. I blow through them too fast.
I have tried plenty and settled on basically these as my happiest go to soaps.


Hasslinger’s Aloe Vera (still have plenty of tallow formula, but the veggie performs identically)

Mike’s (I have three flavors)

Speick (still have 12 tallows left before I have to switch)

They’re all pucked and sticked for travel.

A runner up is a puck of Williams grated and mixed with two samplers of Sterling mutton that’s morphing into a frankensoap with some scraps.

And what’s left of some I Coloniali

Haven’t tried a cream that performs as well as any of them.
Saponificio Varesino is top for me. Close second is the new Tabac. I judge the soaps for performance first and then scent. The two soaps are very close in performance. The SV lasts longer and has better scent options hence it is in the number one spot…
I recently got some Speick sticks. I've had some Speick Active in the puck form which I really enjoyed, but I have to say to me the shave sticks are much better. To me the sticks have a much nicer scent and a much better post shave feel.
I’ll give a favorite for each:

Soap- At the moment (this one changes most frequently) Tallow & Steel , great unique scents and top tier lather for me it’s unparalleled.

Cream- Used to be XPEC when that was around. One not a lot of folks mention often yet when it is mentioned receives high praise , Simpson’s cream is outstanding!

Stick- My all time favorite stick was Irisch Moos , since that is no longer available I like La Toja.
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