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What is your favorite soap / cream / stick - why?

I've tried 13 different soaps, creams, and sticks at least 2 or 3 times since I started DE shaving. I have 2 sticks, 3 creams, and 8 soaps.

So far my overall favorite is Proraso white cream. This is my favorite because it is non irritating, slick, cushiony, and nourishing.

How about you?
Right now MWF. 'Favorite' rotates through MWF, Stirling, Mike's Natural, and Tabac. I have an unfinished tub of Proraso white, doesn't get used much. The post-shave feel very lacking compared to my favorites.


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In no particular order (SR shavers have different wants is a soap compared to "safety" razor shavers.)

Proraso green cream (Italy)​
Palmolive regular cream (Italy)​
Palmolive stick (Germany)​
ARKO stick (Türkiye)​
La Troja stick (Germany)​
Tabac stick [tallow] (Germany)​


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TOBS Eton College, mostly because of nostalgia.

I was a poor college kid shaving with $0.99 Williams. Eton college was my first "posh" purchase.

Performance wise, most lubricants work the same for me. I happen to love the scent.

I still have the very first tub!
Proraso Blue
It has no scent (I can apply any EDT after)
It's light, slick and feels nice
It's 5€
I love scent and feel of all TOBS cream, Razorock is also amaizing product, Proraso Red smells nice, Green feels good. But the simplicity of Proraso Blue somehow made it my favourite cream
As far as personal experience, it would probably be simpler to list the ones I haven't tried. 😝

Tbh, I'm not really that picky when it comes to software. I've enjoyed most of what I've used down the years.

That said...current favorite overall, is it?

Well, as of this last weekend, that is undoubtedly Canada Shaving Soap. Why? Because it is simply outstanding in every regard. Does everything I want a soap to do and nothing I don't.

It has no pedigree, no fancy uber-clever packaging. There aren't copious amounts of organic, grass-fed unicorn milk swirled into it's base.

It just goes right about it's business delivering an MdC-level shave for less money than MdC.

Game. Set. Match.
My path for soaps right now is a preference for croaps, as they are easy for a brush to pick up after mashing a bit into a shaving bowl, thick creamy lather that can take a lot of water, which for me right now are the modern artisan offerings, and a nice strong scent, which varies between floral and earthy, depending on the mood.
I’m not sure that I have a true no.1

Over the last 3 years I’ve had the most shave’s using Arko stick.

SV always delivers an excellent shave experience for me. That could make it my no.1

Lately I’ve been enjoying Razorock WTP blue barbershop a lot. So much, that if it’s all I had. I’d have no complaints.
Favorite Stick - La Toja.
Cuz it smells great and lathers easily. Did I mention the fact that it is slicker than snot?

Favorite Soap - Tabac. (T2 Arko)
Cuz they both smell like heaven, and are great performers.

Favorite Cream - Ain't got none. I've only used two, in my tenure of TWS, TOBS and CO Bigelow. I am a puck and stick kind of person.
Favorite soap: Tabac!
Favorite stick: Tabac!
Favorite cream: Tabac!

I still have the old formulation so I have no clue how the new one compares.

A very close runner up for cream was Godrej lime, fantastic performance and even better scent, too bad it has being discontinued😭
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