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What is your favorite fougere soap?

I am looking to expand my experience with fougere soaps. I currently have used only one, Asylum Royal Fougere of which I enjoy the scent and it seems to perform well. Do you have a favorite? Is their a benchmark or classic fougere I should consider?
I like a good fougere scent and have a few fougere colognes.

I haven't tried as many fougere shave soaps. But one that I really like the scent and performance of is Sopanifico Veresino Felce Aromatica.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for other recommendations as well.
Osma Tradition
Ok folks this is happening. I am running around the web putting your recommendations in my shopping cart. A hang up is with MdC which seems to be out of stock at the vendors I frequent. Should be a fun haul when this stuff starts showing up.
By the way, I haven't hit the checkout button on anything yet.
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