What is your favorite Fine fragrance

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by doctordial, Feb 21, 2019.

    I have the American Blend Italian Citrus and Platinum. I do like all three of these, but out of the three I like the American Blend the most. I'm just really comfortable with this fragrance.
  1. They are all fantastic in their own ways.

    I do appreciate the scent and longevity of AB and Platinum the most though.
  2. I like Platinum the best but I find the scent strength a bit overpowering.
  3. Fine is awesome.

    L'Orange Noir is my favorite by far. I'm a big Terre D'Hermes fan, and this is pretty darnclose.

    Fresh Vetiver rocks. Nice, "gray", cold smell. Not of this Earth, but compelling.

    American Blend. Awesome, but almost too manly for me. My Dad wears it. It's like when Robin Hood fears his Father's sword.

    Italian Citrus. Great at first, but I just got tired of that non-descript Acqua Di Parma smell. Not xomplex enough for me.

    Green Vetiver. I HATE it. It makes me physically nauseous. It smells like a mix of nursing home and carpet cleaner. Horrendous smell, IMO.

    Platinum is nice, but I don't understand why Creed Aventus is the be all, end all frag. It's kind of meh. not really manly. not really womanly. just kind of androgynous.

    Lavender. Nice spicy, sweet, clean lavender.

    Santal Absolut. Nice Sandalwood smell. Wouldn't be my choice for a signature scent.

    Snake Bite. Great scent. Smells like nothing. :lol:
  4. American Blend, followed by Platinum. L'Orange Noir is great too.
  5. How is the performance of the Edt vs the aftershave from Fine (scent strength / longevity)? Specifically, American Blend. Any of y'all have experience with both? (I'm in Canada and can't get samples for any of them.... just full size servings, and I'm not willing to do that if I don't know what I'm getting myself into.)
  6. Honestly, a nickel of the AS followed by a few spritzes of the EdT, and I’m basking in the scent all day and then some (granted Platinum and AB AS last on me nearly all day anyway). They pair great.
  7. Cool. So the EdT isn't an underperformer, then?
  8. Not for me anyway. It’s like the AS, but it diffuses better and doesn’t have the menthol.
  9. +1
  10. +1 for Platinum. The one and only time that I was approached in public and enthusiastically complimented (by a woman) about the fragrance that I was wearing, it was Fine Platinum.

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