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What is your favorite BOLD cologne?

The Knize

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I just read a Luca Turin review of Lorenzo Villoresi scents in general. He seems to say they are too long lastingly powerful and amateurish, and in your face.

I had not thought about LV frags as being exceptionally "bold," but maybe Turin is right.

I often agree with Turin, but LV is one of my favorite houses. I think what Turin sees as amateurish is more original and revolutionary. I think I get what he is saying. LV does not make classically put together, subtly developing, complex but subdued, elegant scents in the style of, say, classic French perfumes. LV is perhaps more rustic, more in your face, less pretentious, more modern, more Italian. At this point, I think I much prefer LV.

Maybe not all LVs. I have not tried all that many. But certainly Vetiver, Patchouli, Piper Nigrum, Musk. All wonderful scents to me, and, as I think about it, all big, all lasting, all very satisfying to me.
Based on this thread I purchase a couple decant samples - Rochas Macassar, Ted Lapidus Pour Homme and Givenchy Gentleman. I am not an experienced fragrance buyer or collector (as evidenced by this post lol) but do like bold scents. Thought it might contribute to the discussion if I posted my thoughts.

Maccassar is very nice and masculine - I get a lot of cedar from it. Longevity is borderline amazing. Really like it but I don’t think I will purchase as it is discontinued and I don’t want to have to hunt around and pay a big price lol.

Givenchy Gentleman - too “powdery” for my liking. Apparently it was voted a new scent of the year award or something but I don’t get it.

Ted Lapidus - love. Bold masculine scent I get woody, leather and amber? It does remind me of the 70s or 80s but that doesn’t bother me. Good longevity on me and usually I find scents too fleeting. Even expensive Creeds. It appears to be pretty inexpensive and easy to find. Definitely gonna purchase.

thanks for the recommendations gents. Now I’m going to walk around smelling like my uncle circa 1982!

The Knize

Moderator Emeritus
Ted Lapidus - love. Bold masculine scent I get woody, leather and amber? It does remind me of the 70s or 80s
Great scent. Very 80s. Very complex. I probably would have said a spicy-wood scent, pretty clearly a masculine Oriental. But with am upfront famous and endearing pineapple note. It definitely has projection and legs. I do not think it has been degraded to the extent other 80s frags have been with cheap reformulations.
"Favorite" and "bold" don't typically belong together for me. I don't like obnoxious fragrances. Gone are the days when it was cultured to cover up lack of hygene or cigarette smoke with a heavy fragrance.

Sometimes I like Aqua Velva and I think of that as pushing the limits of acceptability. I also think Clubman's Special Reserve falls into this category- assertive but not necessarily obnoxious.

Aramis is definitely a potentially obnoxious fragrance, particularly the EdT. Even in small amounts, it has alot of projection and it's got alot of animalic musk notes. I haven't tried the aftershave or cologne, my guess is they probably have a better profile.

Then they are clearly Eau de Parfums
A perfume is a perfume. Just because it's marketed towards men doesn't change that.

Cologne is a specific type of fragrance, and traditionally they were unisex. Florida Water being a perfect example. It's just at one time, in the US at least, it wasn't socially acceptable for men to wear anything but aftershave, or colognes that doubled as aftershaves.
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Floris Honey Oud. Is the strongest cologne that I can tolerate that I own. I have to wear it when it’s cold and dark outside. To my nose is pretty powerful.
I just got Milton Lloyd The Man Silver, a supposed clone of Kouros. If "bold" in a scent means someone is going to notice it, The Man Silver is bold.

I think you have to be bold to wear it.
Probably either Pierre Cardin or Halston, I have both from years ago, and love their scents, as does my wife. - She detects it from half way across the room.
I don’t know if it’s considered bold or not, and it’s not a cologne, but an Eau De Toilet. (Those French have a different word for everything. -Steve Martin; The Jerk)

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