What is your favorite boar brush?

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    With so many boar brushes to choose from on the market and the prices on most are not bad at all, what is your favorite boar brush? It doesn't have to be your best boar brush as long as it's your favorite. Mine is the B&B 10th anniversary boar brush. It's a beauty.

  1. Zenith boar 26 x 55mm.
  2. These days I am mostly a badger guy so take this with (at least) a grain of salt. If I were to buy another boar it would be the SOC which is simply beautiful IMO!
  3. The Omega 10290, for me it is the perfect face lathering boar.
  4. 26764A12-FF53-4843-AE23-4D443211C7F9.jpeg I have only one boar, but I really like it, the Semogue 1305:
    • Handle: Painted wood
    • Total Height: 110mm
    • Loft: 55mm
    • Knot Diameter: 22mm
  5. My current favorite is the Semogue 1520. It works great for both creams and soaps.

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  6. SOC.
  7. After trying a few Omegas and Semogues, my fave is the 610.
  8. Omega Pro 49
  9. Semogue 2000
  10. +1
    I always miss my 610 while using other brushes, it's awesome.
  11. I just have one but it's really nice. Omega Proraso Pro.
  12. Mine is a custom with a dymondwood handle, made several years ago by a brushmaker who used to be on here (Bob Farvour). He made it with an Omega knot from a donor brush. I think he used an Omega 11121 as the donor.

    The knot is about 24x52 mm, and is perfect for face lathering. I have been very tempted over the years to have another custom brush built out of an Omega 11121.
  13. Marco

    Marco Ambassador

    Semogue SOC. It's so great that it's the only boar in my den I'm actually using nowadays. And it makes a perfect combo with my Italian soft soaps. ;)
  14. Proraso Pro Proraso-Omega-Shaving-Brush_copy_grande.jpg
  15. My favourite three boar brushes.
    My first boar is Omega Pro49. I still enjoy using it.
    830 is great at lathering creams.
    SOC is the King of boar brushes, IMHO.[​IMG]
  16. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    According to me I have most of the boars worth having, but not quite enough boars, so it's a very hard choice.


    My answer today is the brush I will probably use today:Zenith Short and Scrubby: 24mm knot. 43 mm loft.

    My measurements, not the vendor's.


    My answer tomorrow is likely to be different.

    Happy shaves,

  17. A nice mix of brushes so far. I know I have had a few boar brushes that I have bought sold and bought again. It's a tough call to pick a favorite.
  18. jar_

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    For many decades my favorite Boar brushes were my Rubberset 400s and they still remain right at the top. My Thater Ultimate Boar is also right up there.

    But lately a couple others have joined the group at the very top, some really inexpensive Indian boar brushes from 999 Shaving and a really nice Rooney boar.
  19. Currently my fabofavo is the Stirling boar. But working on right now breaking in my new semogue 620

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