What is your EDC?

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    With what do you leave the house in the morning?

    Me, either a G19 or a BHP and a couple of extra mags.
  1. A snub revolver of some kind.
  2. On Duty: Gen 3 Glock 23

    Off Duty: Gen 4 Glock 19
  3. Sig Sauer P938.
  4. 1911 with on spare magazine or .357 snubby with a few speed strips.
  5. Anything from a Ruger LCP II (most seldom), Glock 26, S&W Shield (either 9mm or .45, just depends), Colt Cobra, S&W 442 (excellent for routine carry),
    or if it involves spending time in a “heavy” environment,
    Glock 30S or Browning Hi Power. Maybe the Ruger 1911......nice to have choices
  6. pk_


    Kahr CW9, super light weight, excellent craftmanship, made in America, and the long trigger is enough of a safety. The new SIG P365 has caught my eye however . . .

    Glock 30sf for "out of cell phone range" carry
  7. I can't carry everyday due to commuting and state laws. But when I do, it's a S&W Shield in 9mm.
  8. martym

    martym Contributor

    Elsie Pea off duty
    H and K 40 on duty
  9. Primarily, an HK P7M8 or HK P2000SK .357 Sig
  10. Lol'd.
  11. Usually it's the 15 oz. Colt Cobra .38 Spl., highly tacticooled out with a Tyler T-grip, in a little DeSantis holster...or a pocket.


    Lately, for something different, a S&W 681 in a Roy's Pancake.

    IMG_0008 (2).JPG

    If I feel like a semi I may pick up my Wilson tuned Colt Officer's ACP .45 and some El Paso Saddlery leather.

    IMG_0012 (2).JPG
  12. pk_


    Now I'm jealous
  13. Beretta 96 GSD on duty
    Glock 23 off duty
  14. Glock 26.
  15. DW CCO 1911 .45ACP with 230gr Gold Dot JHP in Milt Sparks Axiom or Nexus holsters... sometimes a Glock 19 124gr +P Gold Dot JHP in a Milt Sparks NLG or Josh Bulman OWB holster. When running... I carry at times a NAA .22Mini Mag in an IWB holster. In the deep backcountry, it's a Glock 20SF with DT 200gr Hard Cast. That about sums it all up. Stay safe!
  16. I like that Wilson Officer's pistol and you've done right by getting it 'tuned'. I've read so many horror stories about the Officer's model simply not feeding or extracting well. That's why I've carried a lightweight Commander 4.25 inch.
  17. It was pretty finicky when I first got it...bought it used off of a Constable here who got it off of an Okla. Highway Patrolman. Sent it off to Wilson, then played around with Wolff recoil spring kit and it works fine now. It did NOT like the silvertips we were issued, maybe because the bullet would seat back into the case a bit after a few loadings, unloadings into the chamber when I unloaded it when I got off work then chambered a round the next day. Now it eats up 230 gr. Gold Dots, hardball, and other ammo. I just make sure I use ammo that has a good crimp in a cannelure. I've also heard stories about the recoil spring plug going flying downrange but it never happened with mine, but now it's got a full length guide rod that Wilson put in.
  18. martym

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    I love my little Ruger LCP
    I have a holster for my back pocket and another for my front. So very easy to conceal and I have never been made. I have a plus 1 mag inserted. So I have 7 critical defense rounds in the mag and 1 in the chamber. I carry a 6 round mag in my watch pocket. I have a crimson trace laser mounted on it. Point and shoot out to 12 yards now. This little lady has never failed with these rounds.
    I carry it everywhere we go. I have flown numerous times with it. (I am authorized to fly armed!). It is just a wonderful weapon.
    I laugh also when I think about it. Such a small piece but hey: it works for me!
    31 years now I have been armed on duty and have transitioned from weapon to weapon on duty. And I don’t really care what I am told to carry.
    But for personal/home defense my Elsie Pea is without a doubt my favorite!! And most trusted!
  19. Walther PPQ M2 and extra mag, with Surefire XC1 light, off body carry in a Vertx backpack. Bag is super discreet and is a great laptop bag, have it with me at work all day every day. Otherwise it’s an LCP 2 or a S&W 642 in pocket carry, or Kahr CW40 IWB.

    G17 locked in center console for a truck gun.

    HK VP9 and suppressed AR SBR in .300 blk for the home.

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