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What is your EDC knife?

I got this one recently, it is a Benchmade 551

Not my picture, I will try to whitebox some later

My only complaint is that it's black. Sure it looks cool, but it's really hard to find in the chart table at night, or when dropped on the cabin sole (right after finding it in the chart table...).

Maybe you need to drill a couple small holes in the scales and epoxy in some GITD tubes? That'd light'er up for you. Just a thought.

Kershaw Shallot for me. I like how its all metal and slim construction. Not a very good grip but for the odd splinter or string cutting its great.
Those Striders are on my bucket list for a durable folder. I currently have the Zero Tolerance Hinderer 0561 as one, but it's worth too much dang money now to carry.
I had a ZT 0300 that I seriously regret selling. They are great knives. The strider AR that I carry I bought used (still expensive). I carry everything I own. I think the more I pay for a knife the more careful I am with it.
A small 3 blade Case Stockman at work and a Case 2 blade Trapper the rest of the time. They're not flashy but they hold an edge well and are good quality for the price.
I generally carry two.

Aone hand opening modern locking folder, and a slipjoint.

Usually the lock blade is a Spyderco Stretch , PM2, or my Benchmade 960.

I rotate between a bunch of slippies, but old Schrade Walden trappers and stockmen are favorites.
A friend of mine and Boss now gifted me a large folder last night.
He favors very large EDC's, A Cold Steel.


5" blade! It actually carries just fine and the Aus10a takes a fine edge.
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