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What is your EDC knife?

I still have mine from the early 80's. It's taken a little more abuse than yours though. Nice little knives. Mine was with me through several years of boy scout camping trips and summer camps.
my one from childhood (a cheap one) got ruined by being left on the bottom of a boat in a puddle of salt water. Never did that again...


Stumpy in cold weather
my dad has an army of benchmades but i've only had two a first production BM12800 that was stolen long ago and now just this 940 it's been to war and back so it's much more suited for edc

I don't know that "patina" is the right term but ... that knive has some very attractive wear patterns that indicate years of use and care.
CRKT Squid -- my son asked for Christmas ideas a few years back and I said a pocket knife with a clip; now I'm seldom without it. Just no-frills functionality with a strong blade that can survive more than one inadvertent trip through the washer (don't ask how I know). I was so impressed I bought one for each of my boys the next Christmas. It fits perfectly in the little watch pocket of my jeans where it's out of the way, yet readily accessible. What's better is that during Covid, the metal clip is the perfect holder for a face mask. "Just pop one of the mask's elastic ear loops under the belt clip every time you take it off, and it's always with you; eliminating the "Covid-19 Face Mask Walk of Shame" back to your parked car to retrieve your mask."
Is that one Case? I thought Camillus and Shrade made the Craftman knives.

I think (and I might be wrong) yours is the same model as njpaddy’s Shrade he posted.

In the good old days, all the US makers were doing much the same scout knife. It would be interesting to do a side by side review.
You are absolutely correct, I don't know why I said Case, it was indeed Schrade.
Jason, you seem to have really outdone the rest of us with your knife collection, but we only get to see them one at a time. I'd love to see a photo of your assembled multitude of knives!!
I really appreciate it. I try to not have any as drawer queens, but with so many it's hard not to. I started off collecting kitchen knives, but the last 3 or so years I've been "collecting" folders. My recent obsession has been Shirogorov. I'll see what I can do, been busy recovering from my accident and school, but that would be a good distraction.
Lately it's just been the Leatherman Wave, the only one I haven't lost yet

I used to have two Waves, a Supertool and three Charge TTIs. I'm now down to one Wave...

The more crap I have, the more I lose
I recently visited Golden, CO and dropped into the Spyderco factory. Picked up an unboxed Delica in orange scales for a nice price. It took the place of a SOG rigging knife that I also like a lot and has served me well.
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