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What is your definition of Wet Shaving?

Using water, and generally shave cream is “wet” shaving. Most purist, and most people on B&B would generally assume that’s with a fixed blade like a SE, DE, artist, injector, SR, etc and not in reference to any type of electric razor. Tomato, tomato….
Hmm, how about extra wet shaving or extreme wet shaving?
Shaving in my swimming pool on a rainy day!?
Deep sea dive and wet shave?
Street fire hose wet shaving?
Jet Skiing & shaving?
Punishment for a bad shaver:
Wet shave (w/ bad soap)& waterboarding..
Ok, I will stop..
A close buddy of mine has always done a lot of his shaving with electrics. A lot of his shaving and some of his complaining. But he is generally happy with his routine.

Many decades ago, I was inspired by his example to demo both rotary and foil electrics. I never got a shave that was close, or comfortable. So I never bought one.

Not to mention the need for an outlet or some sort of battery. I was never going to shave in my car commuting to work...

Have electrics improved greatly since the 1980s? Isn't the Shovelhead the antithesis of an electric razor?

You make excellent points.
I used electric for many years.
My experience was very similar to yours. I will never go back. We are both older and wiser.

The shovel head is the antithesis of an electric razor.
OK, Phil I got your point. But...
Sometimes I get very early in the morning and shave with a brush, cream from a tube and Sensor Excel / Mach3. Which category does that fall under? Traditional or Modern Wet shaving?
Without much thought and simply speaking:

Isn’t a cart a fairly new invention 70’, 80’s

That alone would make it Modern, correct?
I began wet shaving 2 years ago.
I consider myself a “Modern” wet shaver. Very few probably wet shave the way I do. I could be incorrect.

Am I a true wet shaver?

I am an SE user. I shave my face and head daily. I only own two vintage SE’s. I have no desire for more. Many of you desire and have 10, 20, 50 plus razors. You would not have it any other way. Good for you.

How I shave face and head.
I begin with face and end with head.

1. Wet area usually with warm water.
2. I apply 5 drops of unscented shaving oil (has to be unscented)
3. I used my hands for application.
4. I use my vintage SE for a 2 pass shave (face and head).
5. When shave is completed I clean and dry my face and head with a towel.
6. I rewet my face and head a then use an Alum Block. I let dry.
7. At this point my skin is very moisturized, but I still apply an unscented beard oil (has to be unscented).
8. I use the beard oil maybe one or two times throughout the day and before bed. Small amount each time.

My thoughts
Not normal, correct. The way I shave breaks lots of traditional rules like:
1. Use a brush. I have never used a brush before
2. Form a lather with soap or cream (I have never done either)
3. Make three passes
4. Use an after shave or post shave gel

This works well for me. I look forward to my daily shaving routine, just like many of you enjoy yours. It has taken me 2 years to progress to this routine after years of experimenting. You really enjoy your routine after years of experimenting also. Could my routine change over the years? Yes. Just like yours.

We have a few things in common.
We enjoy wet shaving. Our routine will change over time. With new knowledge there is change.

Am I a true wet shaver?

Great thread.
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