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So I've been a straight razor guy for a while and just recently got back into DE razors. I picked this up at an antique store yesterday and cleaned it up a little. It shaved great. I'm just not sure what it is and I don't really know much about vintage DE's. It is a Gillette razor, with a "Made in Canada" stamp. At the bottom of the handle is says "Patented 1920". That the only markings on this razor. Can anyone shed some light onto what this razor is? I here take about Gillette Slims, Fattips, etc etc, can anyone tell me what this particular model is? Any way of dating this razor, and if so when was it made? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pictures attached.

Looks like my albeit three piece Gillette New IMPROVED. THe tube should be fixed to the head, then the top plate with screw thread passes through and tightens in the remainding body tube. Nice shave to be had though.
You can fix the handle crack and re-attach the handle to the head using J-B Weld metal epoxy. It will be stronger than when it was new, but it will leave a thin black line on the handle.
Wow that's pretty cool guys thanks for your help.

@Dr. Awkward: where is that weld epoxy sold? I'm in Canada so some of the products mentioned aren't always available. But basically I would mix up the epoxy, use a Q-Tip to apply it to the inside of the tube where the crack is and also use it to reattach the tube to to bottom plate post?
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