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What is this?

I'm posting here because it appears to be a single-edged razor, but I could be wrong ( you can't see very well ). Does anyone know what this is and roughly what it could be worth? I'm looking to get a collection of a few razors & if I can get this at a decent price, I'll jump on it. They're selling everything including the brush ( looks all sorts of worn out ) the mug, whatever is in the package you can barely see & a small box of blades.

Any ideas?

After doing some research on the forum here, it looks like it could be an SE razor with a lather-catcher, but I'm still really unsure of the brand. I've asked for additional photos... I'm loving learning, but it looks like there are tons of designs out there...
Its a lather catcher, possibly a Kampfe branded one. Mine has no ornate cut-outs, just like yours, tho' mine is a wedge-blade only (no blade stops). As long as the brass clip spring is intact (the bare brass thing to the rear) and if the handle isn't bent/mashed, starting average would be $50-60.
I'd be interested to see some other angles of this one, too. It's got a Star-style spring clip, but I don't know of any Star model that doesn't have some form of blade bed or one where the guard comb extends up from the front of the razor like that.
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