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What is the Tabac of shaving creams?

How about Tabac?
Pricey but very nice I'd have to say Penhaligon's. Not only does it smell good but it makes one heck of a good lather.
Art of Shaving Unscented is fantastic! It's right up there with Proraso in my book! Haven't tried Tabac yet, but that would be the obvious answer!
J M Fraser. I view the question as the cream to judge all others based on results and price, not necessarily the cream to beat all creams.

My all time favorite is Trumper's Rose, just for the smell alone. Smells like a fresh rose in the garden. I like to save it for special occasions. I really can't say it gives a better shave than Fraser's cream, at least for me.

I should also add that Tabac is very good and I can't say another cream gives me a better shave.
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My choice would be SMN. It is very similar to Proraso but i feel it is a must try and the equivalent of what Tabac is to soaps.
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