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What is the significance of your Avatar?

A detail from a photo of the Eiffel tower, taken by a friend.
As a structural engineer, I admire the skill involved in its designing, and the quality of the construction and workmanship. All pre-computers.
Done by the same engineering company that designed the structural skeleton of the USA's Statue of Liberty.


I watched an episode of Columbo with my grandson over the holidays. I had to explain to him what a pay phone was. That morphed into what a home phone landline was and finally what a pager was.
I was watching Columbo with my youngest daughter (several years ago) and she asked me, "why do they always call the operator and ask for the police? Why don't they just dial 911?" I burst out laughing at that one.
Mine is just my three favorite shaving items from when I started using DE razors two years ago - and I still love all three. I originally had the cover of the Beatles For Sale record because I'm a big Beatles fan, then I figured I'd put something shaving related. Who knows, may change it up at one point.

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Shouldn't that really be a Gillette Techmatic floating away from him?
It is barely possible, if our beloved Techmatics came out in 1964, and the Gemini IV mission is 1965... 🤔

Yet most (not us!) would let the Techmatic float away. And Apollo is what made it famous, a few years later.

A Superspeed was first in space, I think, but the subject isn't fresh in my mind. Could be wrong.

I would occasionally hop on B&B over the years to check things out and get reviews on certain products. I only decided to join a couple of months back, and I’m really glad that I did. When I was trying to decide on an avatar, I remembered the episode of Star Trek with Spock sporting that stylish goatee. Well friends, I knew from that moment on that I needed to be Vulcan Bubbles!!
Shave Long and Prosper Everyone
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