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What is the significance of the size of the brush?

I have a Rooney super silvertip badger with the following dimensions:
Overall brush height: 86mm
Handle height: 42mm
Brush Loft: 44mm
Knot diameter: 22mm

The next size is:
Overall brush height: 97 mm
Handle height: 48 mm
Brush Loft: 49 mm
Knot diameter: 24 mm

The next size beyond that is:
Overall brush height: 105mm
Handle height: 50mm
Brush Loft: 55mm
Knot diameter: 26mm

What is the significance of the various sizes?

1. Big brushes for big faces?
2. Better lathering with one or the other?
3. Soap waste if you get a bigger brush than needed?
4. More luxurious feel with the larger brush?

I find myself curious to try a larger one, but I can't say I'm dissatisfied with the one I've got.

What do you say?
What do you say?
Well, I'm still learning for myself, but I do have this input: the brush I had been using was so short that I would wrack my fingernails against the sides of my mug while whipping up a lather. I've since moved to a different brush (nothing spectacular) that is tall enough to eliminate that problem. Big difference! :001_smile
I think it all comes down to whatever you prefer. I find that a smaller brush works best for me. I have 2 larger brushes, but find that I use my 22mm more than any others. :001_rolle
Ive used everything from the Simpsons wee scot, 14mm knot I believe, up to the Shavemac 26mm knot in silvertip.

I personally use the original Vulfix 22mm knot super badger I bought years ago. Vulfix doesnt get much love around here, but I personnally like them.

well, with the 14mm knot brush, I had to pretty much reload the brush between passes, (im a face latherer majority of times) Smaller the brush, smaller the amount of lather retention (generally speaking)

26 mm brush, holds plenty, I mean plenty of the good stuff for 3-4 thick layered passes just in the brush alone! The bigger the knot and loft, the bigger the product hog it is too. (I find I wasted alot of product too)

I find the 22 mm knot is perfect for 2-3 good n thick lather passes, which is perfect for me, its super badger hair, and is plenty soft enough for me. I enjoy not rinsing out 1-2 more shaving passes worth of soap product when Im done shaving with the 26mm brush I own.
Purely preference I think. I like brushes that are well packed and are relatively firm. To me it doesn't matter if they are big or small.
Mostly preference, but I usually like to make sure the loft is relatively short compared to the knot size. I prefer a scrubby brush that works well with soaps. Some of the longer, floppier brushes don't do very well picking up soap off a puck. As for the overall size, whatever you're comfortable with is fine.
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