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What is the oldest straight razor you own?

This old Sheffield from some time in the late 1700s. Found it 5 or 6 years ago and have yet to decide what to do with it.

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Nice price! You sure that Sheffield and not French?
Yes I'm pretty certain. One stamp says "OLF" which I'm fairly certain should read "WOLF" which would trace it to an English maker, but you're right to think the "acier fondu" would make it french. Maybe the blade was cast in France and ground in England, I really have no idea. Very hard to trace the origins. I had a thread on it years ago here.

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Wostenholm late 1700s very early 1800s
just did my first shave after a little cleanup and a method edge
WOW! this blade is a 3 3/8 in. wisker killer. I'm looking forward to a lot of great shaves
No tail French razor in tortoise, circa early 1700's.

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That may be the oldest one I’ve seen yet! I love the rosettes, you never see them. Obviously this would have been a very expensive luxury tool back in those times. Who knows the luck this little razor must have had to survive 250 years plus??!??!
Nice razor, thanks for sharing!
I found my new oldest straight razor in the wold yesterday, not sure how old it is, but I'm confident that it's the oldest! *edit* MY oldest. it's nowhere as old as some of these gentlemen's razors!
From what I can tell you have a Thomas Scargill razor, did some research and from the look of your stub tail it could date anywhere from early 1800 to mid 1800. My Elliot dosent have a stub tail but it is quite thick which was common for the early Elliot design, plus the markings (double c's surrounding the maltese cross also helps with the dating. If you look up in a google search thomas scargill you will get some history and info.

Well it was my 1874 Engstrom, it is now replaced with my 1824 Joseph Elliot. But whats 50 years between 2 blades :001_rolle

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Thanks! I did find a bit more information about Thomas Scargill, which is to say much less than most other razor searches :)

The thing that surprised me about your razor though was that it might be older than my Scargill, and i have one very similar though not in nearly as good of shape at the moment. Any idea how the two would compare in age? Or ultimately do we think this might be older than the Scargill?