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What is the oldest straight razor you own?

I was doing a little digging and I had not seen a recent variation of this thread(Correct me if I'm wrong). I was really very curious what the oldest razors were in everyone's collection. I personally don't own anything that is pre 1820's, but I'm sure some of you own razors made in the 1700's. So, please share a photo and tell us a little info about your razor if you have any.

Probably the vintage Timor that my FIL owned or the unbranded straight that his father owned. The unbranded one has no markings on it other than saying, "England" on the tang but if you can believe the stories the family tells, its from the late 1800s.
A circa 1890 Böker when I can find it It belonged to a great great uncle who gave it to my grandfather.

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Got to be my W&B from the mid 1800
It’s gonna be very interesting to see what the folks have.

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Not sure of the ages but it's probably my Wade and Butchers. Someone once told me mid to late 1800s
Here is most of what I own if anyone wants to help date anything I can also take better pics of individual razors if needed.

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Got to be my W&B from the mid 1800
It’s gonna be very interesting to see what the folks have.

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That's a beauty , looks nicer then any of the ones I've got. Is that a full 8/8

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I have many stubtail in my workshop. One is a John Brammall 1770-1800 marked Joppa. Two with me to take picture. A 8/8 W&B from 1830-1837. I can be precise due to blade having the Royal Cypher of William IV. The second is a no name in Ivory, stamped warranted on the tang guessing 1770-1790

0A310B7E-92A4-4A84-A568-997BAC715DD2.jpeg 160ED54A-2036-429F-A25F-11784AFC3C33.jpeg 753259D5-59DF-49E5-8745-0916AF64E798.jpeg Please help me these are my two oldest straights. Wade and Butcher and Frieder Herder abt Sohn #49. Yet I don’t know the ages. I have looked but never narrowed it down. Thank you in advance.
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a couple pre-1891 Sheffields, both Frederick Reynolds. the wedge was a blade only, black and fuzzy in spots when I got it. polished it up the best I could without touching the geometry then send to Doc for new shoes. the Rattler came pretty much as is, with the original scales too.

FR Wedge.jpg
I have quite a few oldies because i like stubtails and big thick tangs but im going to gather that these 2 are my oldest.....i assume sometime in the 1700's wpuld be my guess. 20181227_202907.jpg
Probably my oldest razor is my Wm. Greaves & Sons Sheaf Works wedge, amazingly restored by Max Sprecher. Images are Max's, no way I could do better. It would be circa 1820 - 1850. tim_greaves_01.JPG