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what is the most unusual flavor of tea you have had (that you like)

Not a traditional tea, but my wife makes a drink when one of us is starting to get a cold I actually enjoy.
She boils dried dates, cinnamon sticks, the roots of green onions, and ginger together. Maybe garlic?
I add a little honey and it is good!
for me it's Genmaicha. a Japanese Green tea, a mixture of a Sencha and popped Genmai (hulled rice kernels) it's almost like drinking rice krispies sans sugar and milk
Funny, this popped into my head when I read the thread title. I really like it as something different and I've already converted one of the chaps at work to it as well.
Butterfly Pea flower tea.

Here is a jar of a blend I made last week - Horehound, Yarrow, Mallow, Yerba Santa, Yerba Mate, diced Hibiscus flowers, Calendula petals.

Another I made was Chaparral, Anise Star, Sassafras, Yerba Mate. It smelled like cedar pencils being sharpened while brewing.
olive leaf tea is full of. health benefits ,immune, cardiovascular, and cholesterol. not bad when you add some honey and drink while hot.