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what is the most unusual flavor of tea you have had (that you like)

for me it's Genmaicha. a Japanese Green tea, a mixture of a Sencha and popped Genmai (hulled rice kernels) it's almost like drinking rice krispies sans sugar and milk
Rooibos. The supermarket brands taste bitter to me but Upton has a South African Red Rooibos, Superior Grade, that I like quite a bit. If you haven't tried it, Rooibos is about halfway between coffee and tea, but with no caffeine. I went on a zero caffeine kick for six months and developed a taste for it.

I drink miso occasionally too, but I don't think you could call that "tea".
I'm not sure you'd call it a proper "tea", but a local mom & pop café used to make a chai latte that was pretty good.
I generally don't like coffee lattes, nor Chai tea.


I often drink either straight rooibus or some sort of rooibus-based blend in the evening or at night. One of my favorite blends is rooibus with dried orange peel and peppermint.

That's one of my favorites when the weather turns cold.

Pu'er tea
That's probably the most unusual thing I've enjoyed, as well.

I keep a whole bunch of bulk herbs and spices around and make all sorts of tea blends from them (usually on the fly--a bit of this and a bit of that, according to my whim).
Lapsang Souchong here too, if it's not oversmoked (many are). If I buy some that's too smoky I'll save it by mixing with some Assam black tea at brew time.

The most unusual tea flavor that I don't like is green tea - all of them. They all taste like raw fish to me. I like sushi, but raw fish taste is not what I expect from a cup of tea.


I fell in love with Lapsang Souchong the first time I ever tried it. For some reason, I never thought it unusual, but I'm also a smoke fiend.
For just plain old tea the dancong oolongs, some well aged, from Imem at TeaHabitat were pretty striking & unusual. Been a long time since I had really good dancong but they did stand out.

Liu An is a strange beast, I think it's really meant to be heavily aged, 30+yrs, one day I will get my hands on a little of the good stuff....a few crumbs from 1950's basket has been on my list for a long time. But I think another candidate for a bit odd tasting.

The smoked black/red teas can be wonderful but I've had a some really nasty black teas with some sort of smoke flavouring, or perhaps lightly smoked under burning tyres, come out of fancy tins. Searching for qimen or jin jun mei instead of lapsang souchong can reduce the risk a little. A small parcel of jin jun mei from Tim at the Mandarins Tearoom was one of the best beverage related purchases I have ever made.

Genmai cha is awesome it's been too long. I think it was Kevin at O-Cha that was selling wonderful genmai cha with a dusting of matcha, a good cocktail :)

A summer favourite is Chinese green tea with one or two leaves of mint thrown in, applemint from the garden has been good the past few years and I have some spearmint from Gordon at DragonTeaHouse which is really nice in small doses.

Over the past few months I have had chai made for me by a few people who claim to know what they are doing...or copying mum. I think I prefer my chai without tea, milk or honey. Yogi brand teabag and some coconut milk/cream in a pot on the stove, not convinced cardamoms and tea should be in the same cup at the moment......but ths is an area I don't know much about at all.

Czar Nicholas 2 tea. A mix of black tea, rose petals, and safflower. Very floral and with a hint of natural sweetness. I haven't had any in a while, but I did like it as an afternoon or evening tea.
Lip ton

Lol, just kidding! ...I once had Jal-jeera which I think is part tea. By far one of the most unusual drinks I have ever consumed in my entire life!
Lemon-Ginger, Kukicha, Horehound, Yarrow, Hibiscus, Schizandra Berry, Grain Coffee, and some special blends from the local farms...