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What is the most extreme scritchiest & back bone brush?

My Simpson Special in pure is an exfoliating masterpiece, in a good way. In terms of synthetic, my only experience is my Muhle and my Trafalgar T2. I guess the Trafalgar is a little prickly if splayed and scrubbing? But when painting on the face it feels soft.

Haha I love how you were recommended the Omega Pro 49. When I use mine it's like splaying with a cloud when choking up on it. It's wonderful, but scritch does not come to mind.
You want scritchy?
Omega 10029.
I've had 3 during different periods. All of them didn't have split bristles, even after 60-70 3-pass shaves. Only 4-5 splits, and that was all. After a year or so I binned all 3.
Second place is probably the 13564.
I have tried many, many Omega boars.
Weber barbecue brush.


Owen Bawn

Garden party cupcake scented
Might try any of the shorter lofted Pure from Simpson.
I heartily second this recommendation. If you're in the USA/Canada I wouldn't buy a Pure from the Simpsons' mother ship on the distant Isle of Man. The Simpson site will give you a good idea of what Pure badger brushes they produce, but if & when when you decide to buy I'd look at Pasteur's Pharmacy or the Fendrihan sites. Much more reasonably priced and of course, shipping will be less money.
Im looking for the scritchiest brush with a lot of back bone, I've been recommended the omega 10049 before, and its not good enough, quite soft imo actually.

I like to bowl lather and find the soap gets stuck to the bottom a lot and is hard to incorporate. I find the best resolution to this is an agressive brush.
I like a low structure lather, so don't care for dense or soft brushes which build a foamy lather.

I would prefer a synthetic but don't believe they come more sturdier than a boar? So if anyone can recommend one please and thank you a ton in advance!
The Zenit B-27 Chubby Scrubby. I read a few comments on people giving up on the brush, because of Its stiffness. It does become as soft as a two band while keeping that beautiful scrub. By no means can you compare it to a synthetic.

I’m thinking the Wee Scot I’ve not used it, but the main complaint I’ve read is it’s scritchy. Generally gets good reviews for it’s backbone and ability to generates a ton of lather. I’m going to try out this little bugger I picked up at Dollar Tree for a buck. I figure what do I have to loose. It’s on the scritchy side but seems to have a good back bone to it.
I have a nice Yaqi 22mm 2band badger that was designed for scrubbing IMO. The loft is set low with a high density knot and it is one of my best scrubbers and for scritch who wants it "really", I have some great bore brushes that have back bone with no scritch and I prefer that. I thought scritch was a negative in brushes but I guess some folks with coarse beards like it that way.
I shaved with this little beauty this morning and it is a nice scrubber!
Brush: Yaqi 22 mm 2band badger, excellent lather generator, pillow like soft tips, designed to scrub with short loft + great painter.
Brush collage, Dec 7, 2021 .jpg

Have some great shaves!
Van Der hagen boar for the stiff backbone. But the boar tips will split and may not remain as scritchy, provided it doesn't fall apart by then !
I sank six bucks into one of these. As stiff as anything I've seen when dry, though usable after a long soak.
I find a classic four sided cheese grater very scritchy and with a lot of backbone. It has the advantage that you can select the level of scritchiness. However, it lathers very poorly and water retention is practically non-existent. If I had to choose, perhaps an Omega 10029 or Omega 10066.
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