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What is the consensus on Proraso pre as an aftershave

Ok so I know proraso has made a pre shave then labeled it as a pre/post shave and then went back to a preshave after the latest reformulation removing parabens.

So regarding the newest proraso pre shave (white and green tubs), how do they perform as a post shave balm? Are they too thick, thin, greasy, sticky or anything else or do they work fine? Should it not even be used as a post shave now it is sold as a pre shave? Any reason why they removed the label as a post shave? Thanks.
For me it is far too thick and sticky to work well post-shave. It doesn't absorb well on my skin, and my face feels greasy for hours afterward. As a pre-shave, it works great for me.
I love the Proraso Green Pre-Shave as a preshave: a great, refreshing menthol eucalyptol face and nose blast which helps soften the beard and enhances slide and protection.

I've tried Proraso Green Preshave a few times as an ASB. I love the cool rush and aroma, and its great at sealing weapers, but I find it leaves my face feeling covered by a somewhat tacky film. I prefer a small dab applied first or mixed into my regular facial moisturizer makes a great hybrid ASB, ideal for when you want that menthol rush, the menthol eucalyptol aroma, and the weaper coagulation plus rich, comfortable moisturization from a dedicated ASB or facial moisturizer. The extra moisturizing is great for winter.

Recently I acquired a bottle of Proraso AS, and love that too. While its aroma is still dominated by menthol and eucalyptus, it's lighter and softened by pleasant citrusy notes (from limoneen and linalool, I believe). Great any time, but perhaps especially for warm weather.
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