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What is the best aftershave?

I have been using Black Jack Cooling Gel, what do you use?
Lots of commentary here:

I think the topic is too subjective for any kind of satisfactory answer. It’s like asking “what’s the best colour?”. A thousand members may answer with a thousand different answers.
Two that come up a lot and don’t change over time:
Splash - Lucky Tiger
Balm - Nivea Sensitive Balm

I always these on hand. Then have others to supplement.
This is like asking what's the best food, or who is the most beautiful woman. Different answers are ok!

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I don't know which aftershave is the best, but I'm quite partial to Proraso (white) and Nivea for Men Sensitive. I wouldn't want to be out of either, ever.
For me the best aftershave is one that reminds me of my childhood and the way my Father smelled. I like a high alcohol content because I love a fierce burn and am quite prepared to shave too close in order to get it. I like most 60s, 70s, and 80s aftershaves but vintage Fabergé Brut, especially pre Brut 33, is my favourite.
I have alot of aftershave lotions and a few balms, but I find myself reaching for different ones depending on whether I want a lotion for its scent or for its skin feel and soothing after a close shave. For skin soothing, I usually reach for Floid Mentolado Vigoroso. For scent, my favorite is either Fine Platinum or Joop aftershave (which also has some nice ingredients). For a combination of both, it's Proraso Red (sandalwood). I would love to see Proraso release a cologne or edt of the Red sandalwood.
Doesn’t have to be subjective. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player, Tom Brady the greatest QB, and the greatest aftershave is clearly floid blue.
Totally wrong of course, but I like it. If only we could all go to the tavern for a while and discuss it like gentlemen ... with a beer!
Stirling Vetiver witch hazel toner (water, not alcohol)

Titrate it with their menthol and unscented versions to taste.

Lucky Tiger is in there pitching, if you can't handle vetiver.
For me it's Nivea sensitive cool balm. It's inexpensive, calms my irritated skin pretty fast and it's fast absorbing and non-greasy.
Best is different for everyone, scent preference.. splash or balm, alcohol or witch hazel based? There's just too much to take into consideration but for what its worth here's some of my favourites

Fine lavender splash
Fine fresh vetyver splash
Baxter of california balm
Truefitt & Hill 1805 balm
Tobs jermyn street balm
Barrister & mann waves balm
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