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What is the advantage of a 3 piece razor vs a TTO razor

I got the King Gillette razor for Xmas. I tighten it until it gets resistance and then just a bit more.

I'm wondering what the advantages of a 2- or 3-piece razor over the TTO razors are.
All the plusses and minuses for each have been covered pretty much so it comes down to preference. I can appreciate both: from a design perspective, 2 & 3 piece razors are simplicity and form-fit-function at its most basic level, nothing wasted, but from a mechanical perspective, TTOs (and especially adjustables) are just plain cool (as long as kept in good working order). I'll reach for either on any given occasion, but 2/3 piece open combs are great for mowing down longer growth without clogging, and TTOs are great for everyday comfort when growth is less.

As for the King Gillette: I've only seen pictures of them--but 2 or 3 local Walgreen stores have had the empty boxes on the shelf (including last night); making it "the most stolen DE Razor" in my area. I grabbed the last 10 pack of King Gillette Razor Blades on the shelf (discontinued/discounted to $2.00). I handed the empty razor box (with blades in it) to the cashier, noting that the blades were still there. I hoped she might throw the blades in for free/discount, considering I was buying the other blades, but no dice. At .20 cents a blade, I figured why not, but does anyone have an impression on if the King Gillette blades are any good?
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